“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” Barbara Johnson

Do you like cookies? Of course, you do. Everybody does… but (as your mother surely told you) beware of sweets offered by strangers… especially in the semi-darkness of the World Wide Web. They could be and often are, tainted gifts. Truth be told, they are miniature trojan horses.
Once you accept them, they will immediately spy and plot against you. This is their main purpose.

I am talking of course about Computer Cookies, the small poisoned files that will rat on you the minute they settle in your computer. They will spill all your beans. They will babble about your lifestyle, your love life and especially what you like and where you are shopping.
Cookies are the Stasi agents of the computer world. Extremely effective and dangerous.

You could, of course, refuse to let them in, but the cookie dealer will then refuse to share any information with you and slam his door in your face.

Recent laws have forced companies to make you aware of the cookies’ threat, but to get what you want, you have to blindly agree with all their conditions.
You have to “accept” a bunch of rules before accessing their websites. A little bit like mindlessly signing 5 pages of obscure “legalese” when making an important purchase.

I shudder to think what the authorities (and the Russians) could do with this treasure trove of information… maybe subverting an electoral process? Nooooo… they could not do that! Could they?

The Internet is a Pandora box… or more accurately, a “chatterbox”. Once opened, it will release many personal facts that should have kept under keys. And once out…

Cookies are addictive. Once you start munching on one, there is no end to it. You are hooked and the bad guys know that. Just try one… they are delicious… what have you got to lose?

Well, if you don’t watch your diet, it could adversely affect your health. Your cyber health that is. And anything dealing with health is expensive, very expensive.

Do you realize how much Amazon knows about you? Jeff Bezos is more informed about me than my wife. He sends me love notes, reminders, suggestions every day of the week. How can you not love such a guy?

In rare moments of lucidity, I think of going on a cyber diet, but this does not last very long. Next thing you know I am surfing the Internet gobbling cookies.

I cannot help it, “cookie” is my middle name.


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