Picnic nostalgia

Not so long ago, our club (La Pétanque Marinière) was organizing regular picnics that were widely enjoyed by our membership.

Gradually though the pique-niques were spaced off and finally taken off the menu.

This decision did not sit well with everybody. As a matter of fact, many people (notably my wife) indicated to me that they would like to see picnics coming out of retirement.

So, the main question is: what was the main reason for the picnics’ obsolescence?

Antoine Lofaro, Jean-Claude Etallaz, Serge Hanne

The answer is simple. Volunteer’s general burnout.
Let’s not forget that all the heavy lifting was done by participants who were never recognized or compensated for their efforts. Volunteers are silent heroes, and we need to acknowledge their efforts and sing their praise.

Let’s not remain silent about our gratitude.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.  ~William Arthur Ward

 In my book, volunteerism needs some incentive. The very least we should do for our volunteers is to offer free food for their services. And I would also exempt them from paying a fee to participate in the co-occurring tournament.

Gratitude always goes two ways. We should be thankful for their hard work, and they should be in a position to appreciate our recognition.

In the same vein, previous volunteers have expressed interest in restarting picnics with the agreed sine qua non that they should be treated equitably. Let’s agree beforehand on some designated volunteers and keep them happy in their undertaking.

Just remember that new members and people (from different clubs) come to our picnics to share food and meet or get reacquainted with friends.
They don’t expect fabulous dishes, just decent food, possibly fortified by some locally fermented brew.

In the unforgettable words of our venerated leader, LMPGA!
Let’s make picnics great again!

Talk to your board members to bring this issue to the forefront.


PS: I would love to hear your thoughts about this issue. Please don’t be shy.

4 thoughts on “Picnic nostalgia”

  1. I too appreciate the enjoyable social aspects of our picnics and I am happy to consider picnics again, when someone steps forward and offers to take charge of making them happen. That means line up workers, shop, prep, cook, clean up BBQ, clean the large pots and various utensils with soap and water at their home and return them to the terrain. For many years, when I returned the large, cleaned pots and utensils to the shed – still dog tired the day after the event – I told myself it was worth it because everyone had such a great time. My failed efforts to get more people to help with the work meant that a tiny hard-working crew was doing it all, event after event. One year, when it was time to plan the calendar, the few who were doing all of the work just did not have the energy to face another round of lovely events with no help. Our monthly board meetings are held at the terrain (weather permitting) and are open to members who wish to listen in and bring concerns and ideas to the board. The minutes are posted on the website and if there is any question about when the next meeting is, any of the board members can tell you. Instead of just talking with each other about what you would like to have happen in your club, come to the board meetings with your ideas and your plans to be a part of making them a reality.

  2. Thank you very much Christine. I understand your predicament and I sympathize with your comments, but some people have indicated that they would like to have picnics again. I will attend your next meeting with the draft of a battle plan to restart this event.

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