Most Improved Player

Due to various reasons, I have not played pétanque for a while, and when I came back to the field last Saturday, something unexpected happened.

I played against an individual who startled our team with a rapid succession of stunning carreaux. I was not totally surprised though, for I have seen this individual slowly, tenaciously rise through the ranks. Even when his shooting accuracy was unexceptional, I noticed his dashing moves, reminiscent of the Peter Mathis style.

As a photographer, I pay less attention to scores than to style, and I always liked his smooth elegance. With time, some players become quite accurate, but their form remains awkward, lacking in grace. They get the job done, but it is not particularly pleasing to see.

Mark Shirkey whom I consider to be the Most Improved Player of the club possessed the form before the accuracy.

He has been with us for a relatively short time, but I believe that he is the rising star of our club. He reminds me a lot of Henry Wessel. When he joined our club, Henry studied the game, took notes, shot videos and practiced extensively. So did Mark, on and off the field… and it paid off.

As a matter of fact, Mark and Sandra bear many similarities to Henry and Calvert. The only difference is that they are a bit more introverted than Henry and Calvert. But they show the same love and dedication to the game. Not only did they persevere but they also did a lot to improve our club, our field, and its playing conditions.
They were the blood transfusion that our club sorely needed.

Sandra has also quietly improved her game and is becoming an accomplished player in her own right. I would be honored to play with her anytime.

So, I hereby salute this hard-working couple for their perseverance and dedication to the game and to our club.

May they always be who their dogs think they are!”


2 thoughts on “Most Improved Player”

  1. Dear Alain – I Loved reading about Mark; how nice of you to compliment his form and talent and recognize his and Sandra’s contributions to the club & courts. I am also honored that Henry and I would be compared to them on any level! I join you in saluting them! OXO, Calvert

  2. Dear Calvert – I don’t compliment lightly. I meant every word that I wrote and both Mark and Sandra rightly deserve the accolade. We still dearly miss you and hope to see your sunny face very soon. Plenty of kisses 💋

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