Fantasy world

“Reality depresses me. I need to find fantasy worlds and escape in them.” Noel Fielding

Absolument ! I want to live in a fantasy world too. A world mirroring TV commercials. I want to inhabit a planet where everybody is rich well-off, good looking, continually smiling, have a great sense of humor, a happy love life and where the word “no” does not exist.
Is this unrealistic? I don’t think so.

I have been looking for that dangling carrot (the American dream) for years but without too much success. It must exist though, because I see some tantalizing excerpts of this lifestyle every day on television… and telly does not lie… or does it?

These fantasy people must be living in a gated community, accessible only to Free-Masons, Republicans, Born Again Christians, Preachers or Polygamists…
Flaming Nora, I am none of those… I must try to burrow my way in one of those blessed groups…

Real life is dull, boring… and that’s why Average Joe watches so much television. To escape reality and relocate to a fantasy landscape where everything is honky-dory and beer is plentiful.

In that world you can borrow money without any collateral, you fly First-Class, you are never stopped by the Highway Patrol, you meet a bombshell who whispers “I want you”, you always get a swag bag at a party, you find a parking spot anywhere…

I am not the only person dreaming of a fantasy world. Utopists do too. They are waiting for the Rapture that will take them away and bring them to the Promised Land.

But the Promised Land is full. It does not accept any application anymore. This is the latest rumor and it comes from the highest authority.

So, what is one to do? Maybe stop watching the tube and get a job? What a dreadful alternative. A socialist government might help… it probably would have one of these countless programs that assists people unwilling to face reality.

So maybe we should elect a socialist shepherd who would show us the way to that secretive Fantasy World…

In the coming months I am going to watch all the presidential candidates very carefully. If one of those people guaranties in writing to take us to this dreamy world, I will definitely endorse his candidature.


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