Gilets jaunes protest

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy

 Most everybody will agree that a peaceful revolution is by far preferable to a violent insurrection, with all its inevitable excesses.

In a democracy, the people have the right duty to protest when the government’s policies are flagrantly unjust, prejudiced.

When this happens, a massive peaceful demonstration usually makes the ruling class pay attention to the issues. If little to resolve these problems is perceived, the demonstrations will continue and gain momentum.
If on the other hand, the government shows a willingness to accommodate grievances, the protesters have a moral obligation to pause and listen.

This has not been the case in France where, despite the government’s obvious desire to negotiate, weekly, violent demonstrations persevere.

The Gilets Jaunes, “yellow vests” (I prefer to call them “yellow jackets”) have been spearheading the movement.

“The issue on which the French movement centered at first was the projected 2019 increase in fuel taxes, particularly on diesel fuel. The yellow vest became the symbol of the protests, as the French are required to have a yellow vest in their vehicles.”

The problem is complicated by the fact that this movement has no real leadership, just a multitude of people unhappy about their living conditions. With no leaders to show the way, many are uncertain or unwilling to cease that week-end distraction.

Originally, a majority of the French population supported the movement; but as the demonstrations (and wanton property destruction) continue, their support is waning.

Everybody is now tired of the weekly disturbances, and of the “casseurs” violent and destructive behavior.

To top it all, dormant anti-Semitism is rearing its repulsive head again. The latest demonstrations have been peppered with invectives directed at Jews. This is eerily reminiscent of the rise of fascism in Germany… with its apocalyptic (70 to 85 million casualties) consequences.

I always wondered how the (magic) Jews (with less than 0.2% of the World Population), could manage so many (alleged) wicked deeds throughout the world?

The time for a counterrevolution is now. People of goodwill should rise and protest against the protesters. Reason has to prevail.

Unjustly reviled President Macron is a very capable man and he has done his best to listen, explain, and commit himself to enact measures to redress injustices.

Les Gilets Jaunes had their moment of glory. Now they have to go.


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