Who needs a dog?

“Do you notice that all presidents have a dog? There is always a First Dog. Or two or three. You have to have a dog to be president, I guess.  Robert Fulghum

Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump just lost the 2020 elections!

At a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas, the president declared that he would feel “a little phony” owning a dog.

Is he implying that dog owners are phonies? This is an extremely thoughtless and foolhardy statement. There are 89.7 million dogs in the US and at very least an equal number of voters. Regardless of their political slants, I don’t think that they will take too kindly to this remark.

“Folk will know how large your soul is, by the way you treat a dog.” Charles F. Doran

If you don’t have any dog, or any pet, how large could your soul then be? The size of a peanut?
Donald Trump, who was elected in 2016 is the first president in 130 years who does not have a pet.

Most presidents (even if they were not dog’s devotees) understood the value of a photo-op with a four-legged friend. Vladimir Putin who owns four dogs, is fully aware of this  and does not waste any opportunity to be photographed with a dog or any beast. There are hundreds of photos of a smiling Vladimir cavorting with animals.

Unlike our president, I am no friend of the Russian czar, but I share with him my love of canines. We could disagree on many things but we will always have a cordial footbridge through our common love of animals.

Dogs are as popular as ever. Even China is now succumbing to the lure of the beasts. Instead of eating them, they are now spoiling them silly.

It is a recognized fact that dogs reduce stress and want to console their human friends. They are now widely used as emotional comfort animals at home and in hospitals.

“They [dogs] never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.” – Jerome K. Jerome

If anybody wishes to hire me as a campaign adviser, my first tactical recommendation would be “get a dog, you fool.


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