Term limits

This is election time and the airwaves are flooded with innuendos, rumors, speculations…

Who will prevail? The challengers or the incumbents? The results of this election will give us a good indication of the chances of Trumpism remaining relevant beyond 2020.

FDR. Only president to have served more than two terms.

If it does, no matter what, the incumbent will have to leave the White House in 2024. The 22nd amendment guarantees this, and I do believe that this is a good thing.

“The 22nd amendment limits the president to only two 4-year terms in office. … After FDR died in 1945, many Americans began to recognize that having a president serve more than eight years was bad for the country. This led to the 22nd amendment, which was passed by Congress in 1947 and ratified by the states by 1951.”

 Contrarily to African potentates who cling to power after their term expires, the US Constitution guarantees an orderly transition of power. Regardless of his achievements, an incumbent has to go after 2 terms.

A two-term limit is a good idea. On his first stint, a leader is eager to innovate but is often ignorant about the ways to do it. On his second term (if there is one), he is at his best. He has acquired the experience and he knows that it is his last round. He can now disregard political pressures and do his best to leave the most favorable legacy to the public and his successor.
If there were a 3rd term, it would be a letdown. People get tired even of “Suspiro de Limeña.

I think we want to see new voices and new ideas emerge – that’s part of the reason why term limits are a really useful thing.Barack Obama

 A good leader should always show a willingness to give up power and return to a more anonymous life.

“There is a long and honorable tradition of citizens in service to their nation that goes back at least as far as Cincinnatus, the Roman citizen who, more than once answered his country’s call, then returned to his farm and his family and his work.” Tom Clancy

By doing this he will leave behind a grateful nation instead of a resentful one and will be fondly remembered for his service and accomplishments.


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