Loco logos

I have always wondered why some people wear garments emblazoned with logos or brand names…

Vote for me, Dummkopf!

Don’t they realize that they are acting as unremunerated sandwich boards? And for companies that probably overcharged them for this very garment in the first place…
The same irony by the way often occurs in politics. Some people will support a candidate who will ultimately exact a steep price for championing his cause.

In order to advertise their products, large outfits will shell out big bucks to have their brands splashed on billboards. So, if I ever became a walking advertising board I would naturally demand to be compensated for wearing anything on my back.
Apple, do you want me to promote your products? All right then, give me a free iPad. Fair is fair.

By the way, have you ever noticed that tennis stars sport itty-bitty logos?Everybody should know that the income generated by logo wearers is inversely proportional to the size of the logo. The smaller the logo, the bigger the income.
Remember the tiny Nike logo worn by Roger Federer? This insignificant looking little symbol is worth millions my friends! Smaller is always better.

Ironically, it is always the people who can least afford it that shell big bucks on such products. Do they think that the glory of a quarterback will reflect on them if they wear one of his jerseys? Will they attract more girls or get better seats in a restaurant? I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but I can definitely state that it is not so.

If I were looking for relationship material, I would surely avoid loud logos and set my sights instead on subtle trademarks. Good taste is always discreet and doesn’t have to shout to be noticed.

Personally, I don’t wear any kind of emblazoned garment. If I did, some people might confuse me with some celebrity and bother me to no end for autographs. I don’t do autographs! Period! I cherish my anonymity too much to fall prey to such cheap gimmicks.

In conclusion, if I ever choose to display anything on any of my garments, it will only be to promote myself.

Something like: Vote for me, Dummkopf!


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