Henry Wessel

Henry Wessel

Henry Wessel passed away last night in his sleep.

I just heard the terrible news and I am absolutely stunned. Henry and I played together two days ago and I never suspected for a minute that he was in such a dire state.

I have known him since he joined the club in 2012 and we sympathized almost immediately. He was eager to learn the game and was a very good student. In practically no time he rose to our club’s cream of the crop.

He and Calvert (his life partner) were great pétanque players and delightful people. Calvert always was an extremely talented pointer and Henry was a great shooter. Together they formed a fearsome combination that reaped many awards.

Henry was a renowned photographer and taught at the San Francisco Art Institute for many years. He was also a modest man who never bragged about his many accomplishments.

He was an active board member of La Pétanque Marinière and he did a lot to beautify and maintain our field.

Henry always struck me as an intelligent, learned, kind fellow and I like to think that he thought of me as a friend. He often asked me how to pronounce some French words and I was pleased to oblige. I am grateful that Calvert and him were part of a circle of companions that have blessed my house from time to time.

Calvert and Henry formed a great relationship on and off the field and I have clumsily maybe offered her my deep, heartfelt condolences. I was too distraught to find the proper words.

Henry, a great guy who left too soon and who will be sorely missed.


Please look at some pictures of my dear friend Henry Wessel

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