The dynamic duo

When there is a will there is a way.

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If you have not seen our pétanque field for a while, you are in for a (nice) surprise. It looks different, manicured, rejuvenated.
Like the face of a movie star after a Botox treatment.

IMG_1465We owe it all to a dynamic duo who, in spite of being relatively new to the club, is doing a heck of a job.
The names of these excellent people are Henry and Calvert. I don’t need to say more. Everybody knows them and appreciate them.

French writer Jules Romains wrote between 1932 and 1946 a legendary series of books called « Les hommes de bonne volonté » (men of good will).
Henry (aka La Bête Noire) and Calvert are such people. They are friendly, helpful, cooperative and to top it all excellent players.
At La Pétanque Marinière, we are extremely fortunate to have such individuals.

Our field, created approximately 1975 AD, had seen better days.
The fine gravel that once covered the ground had been washed away by years of winter rains, and wild grass was steadily annexing the playing areas.

There had been talks for years of resurfacing the field but nothing ever materialized.IMG_6216
Nothing until Henry and Calvert took it upon themselves to do the job.
Quietly, without any fanfare, they have been steadily hauling and pouring fine gravel on the field for the last few weeks.
It now looks as smooth as a baby’s behind.

And I understand (correct me if I am wrong) that they refuse to be compensated for it. That’s not right. The least we can do is to reimburse them for the material and publicly recognize a job well done.

Chapeau bas! Chapeau bas!
Doff your caps! Hurrah! Hurrah
For these noble people.

Version 2In my fleeting moment of praise, I also want to mention the Davantes gang (Charlie, Liv -how could I forget her- Brigitte and Herb) who also did a tremendous job of beautifying our field.

A club with such “people of good will” is a fortunate club indeed.


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  1. As a member of the bureau, I will motion that we’ll reemburse everything Calvert and Henri spent for our field. They are wonderful people and they should be recognized as such.

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