Guns galore!

Here we go again… Another mass shooting! Same old futile hand-wringing, ineffective speeches, and useless prayers…

After years of relentless bloodshed, we are still facing the same old problem. The unwillingness of American elected officials to ratify laws outlawing murderous killing machines.
The main and only obstacle for not banning assault weapons is MONEY.

Legislators are pressured (or rewarded) to vote against a bill that would stem the proliferation of guns in America. Whenever there is an effort to reduce the flow of weapons, money is changing hands and the initiative magically fails.

Some kind of “ectomy” (the surgical removal of some organ) needs to happen to resolve this problem; cephalectomy (the surgical removal of the head) seems like a good choice. The head of the Grand Dragon (NRA) has to be cut off and cauterized to stop this murderous madness.

We need to unmask the elected officials benefiting most from the largesse of the gun lobby. And then bring hundreds of reporters armed with microphones and cameras, and shame those venal mercenaries into forging a desperately needed amendment.

Asking everybody to surrender their guns is not realistic, but banning sales of automatic assault weapons is. Especially when it can be sold so easily to immature young men.

According to University of Rochester medical center, the rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so.”

So let’s stop immature grownups from purchasing killing “toys”. Let’s stop anybody for that matter from obtaining highly automated killing machines. And let’s regulate the number of bullets sold to a single individual.

America is by far the country with the most guns (112.6 guns per 100 residents) and where it is so easily recklessly sold.

It can be done

Many countries around the world have successfully restricted the sale of guns.  It could be done in America as well.


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