The war of the sexes


You might not realize it but the sexes have been at war for a long time. It is an undeclared war, but a war nevertheless, with countless casualties.

On one side you have the Macho Men contingent, males who are loath to give up their prerogatives and resist changes. On the other side you have the New Suffragettes; women who demand equality on all levels and who are getting more vocal every day.

Harvey Weinstein was the catalyst for the sexual uprising that occurred recently. Coaxed by a few forceful women, the “weaker sex” came out of the shadows to expose a noxious sex exploiter and his cohorts.

Using authority to obtain sex has long been the weapon of choice of powerful men (and women?) and some women have willingly used their sexuality as a springboard for advancement. But many more have been coerced into submitting and keeping silent.

Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Desiderius Erasmus


Which brings up the question of sex. Since artificial insemination is always an option, is sex on its way out? Or do both sexes equally yearn for sex?
And are men more sexual than women? This article sheds some light on the subject.

I think it is a draw. I am always a bit surprised though when I hear a woman grumbling  “I have not been laid for a long time”.
So are some women willing to sleep with the enemy? I am shocked…

Some men can be scoundrels, but so can women; and they can be as devious and as wicked as men.
Can women (more than men) be trusted to do the right thing? It is highly debatable…

Ultimately, sex is not the issue. A dubious moral character is. And this flaw, regardless of one’s position, will always hang around a person’s neck like a dead albatross.

This war will stop when both sides reach equal rights or armament parity. “Mutual deterrence” (Mutual Assured Destruction) is the key to the problem.

In conclusion

Give women the same rights and perks as men and this endless war will (maybe) stop.


The war between the sexes is the only one in which both sides regularly sleep with the enemy. Quentin Crisp.

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