Are you gullible?

IMG_5558Curiosity killed the cat” is a common saying among dull, unimaginative people.

I totally disagree with this ridiculous expression for everyone knows that a cat possesses nine lives, and (experience generating) curiosity is the quality that allowed a mouser to survive many hazardous situations unscathed.

Curiosity is good, even necessary in our troubled times.

“The curiosity of the human mind is essential if you want citizens who think rather than accept the first nonsense they come to.” Francois Englert


My mother was a kind of gullible soul who believed whatever her mother told her, and before that what her grandmother told her mother. She used to say “if it is printed in the newspaper, it must be true”.
Right! And Joseph Stalin was a great humanitarian!
If hopefully you have an independant streak in you, your parents’ beliefs should not automatically become yours.

I, unlike my mother, am a doubting Thomas. Before believing, I doubt. And I will doubt until I can find the proper answer.
I am curious, and if something does not jive, I want to know why.
When I read an article and when a name catches my fancy, I want to know more about that person. I always turn to various sources of the Internet to check the accuracy of what I just read.

Nowadays you absolutely must be curious!

Especially in this putrid political season, you cannot take at face value all the ridiculous, slanderous statements made by politicos or yellow journalists.
Before forming an opinion that you might regret (e.i Brexit), you need to scrutinize the available data.
And the Internet conveniently offers some fact-checking websites that specializes in debunking the outlandish statements made by political operatives.

Click on TechNorms to check the 6 following sites:,,,,,

So before forwarding rumors and peculiar fabrications to your friends, do your homework and evaluate the truthfulness of what you just read.

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.” Bernard Baruch


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