July 10, 2016 tournament

In last Sunday’s tournament there was an elephant in the room, or if you prefer an elephant on the field. It was an evidence impossible to overlook.

The tournament was promoted as “Select Mixed Triples’ meaning that you were free to select your partners. In this case, it could be a combination of 2-men/one woman, or 2-women/one man.

Naturally, you try to come up with the strongest formation possible, and Sonoma put forward a juggernaut of a team. Two high-caliber shooters and a legendary pointer. An almost unbeatable combination.
Every other team on the field looked weak in comparison. Badly armored Sherman vehicles facing a Tiger tank.
The victory of the Sonoma Team was an almost foregone conclusion.

Three timed-games were played before lunch, followed by elimination games in the afternoon.

When you play in a tournament, it is psychologically important to win (or at least hold your own) in the first game.
Unfortunately some team had to confront the Sonoma 3-headed monster on its first encounter and was badly mauled.
My team and I while doing fairly well on our two first games (13/7 and 11/13) faced the beast on our 3rd game and were beaten to a pulp.
The rival shooters hit our balls 98% of the time (with “carreaux” to boot) and sent us packing with our tails between our legs.
But losing has one good redeeming quality: it keeps you humble.
Paradoxically speaking though, it is the winners who should remain humble.

When losing,

You got to choose between tightening your belt or losing your pants. Navjot Singh Sidhu

IMG_2309In a contest one naturally roots for the underdog and many spectators were cheering for one particular Marin team.
The “Yellow Jackets” (Wessel/Baron/Marcovecchio) did a great job and gave the Sonoma gang a run for their money.

In one memorable game, they managed to lead 7/0 but lost the encounter with a very honorable score of 9/13. Still, a great job! Congrats, you yellow rebels.
Interestingly enough, while seemingly invincible in the morning, the Sonoma shooters seemed to have lost their nerves in the afternoon and missed a number of crucial shots.
Nevertheless they played very well and fully deserved to win that tournament.

I noticed with pleasure the presence of Mark and Sandra Sirkey our newest members. I also noticed Carolina Jones amazing new look and Brigitte Moran’s fancy blue jersey.

The tournament contestants were:

  1. Les Stones & Harry Helms & Nancy Jencks
  2. Larry Cragg & Mark Shirkey & Sandra Shirkey
  3. Charles Davantes & Herb Moran & Brigitte Moran
  4. Mickey Coughlin & Holly Sammons & Peter Mathis
  5. Henry Wessel & Noel Marcovecchio & Calvert Barron
  6. Joe la Torre & Peggy Silversides & Rob Everett
  7. Alain Efron & Francois Moser & Claudie Chourre
  8. Carlos Couto & Beth Lysten & Carolina Jones

Final results:


1st place: Mickey Coughlin & Holly Sammons & Peter Mathis $25 ea
2nd place: Joe la Torre & Peggy Silversides & Rob Everett $16 ea
3rd place: Les Stones & Harry Helms & Nancy Jencks $13 ea
4th place: Henry Wessel & Noel Marcovecchio & Calvert Barron $10 ea


PS: To look at photos of this event and listen to the accompanying background music, turn your computer’s sound on, and click on the link “My Photos” located on the right side of this page. For best viewing, go Full Screen.

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