Showing off

People in general like to show off.

They like to display jewels, clothes, guns (let’s make America great again) or pretentious religious and political symbols.
For there is in all of us a dormant peacock striving to come out.

But a man well into his skin does not need any adornment. His word, his face, his demeanor are his bond.

Political or conspicuous religious symbols in particular can be lightening rods. They are likely to annoy or anger somebody who harbors different beliefs.
So why would one put to the fore such controversial emblems?
Why (knowing full well that it might offend somebody) proclaim that you are a Muslim, Jew, Christian, Zoroastrian or a gun proponent?

Version 2

Why the need to advertise? Why the need to prolethyze? Why attempt to convert someone from one religion, belief, or opinion to another?
Bravado? Provocation? Ostentation? Shock value/

Probably all of them. Unremarkable people often need a crutch to reassure themselves.
I belong to a powerful sect, therefore I am. Without it I am nothing.

In France, there is a law (among their endless list of regulations) banning conspicuous religious symbols in primary and secondary schools.

 For once I stand with the French. Your beliefs are private and should remain private.

When I meet somebody wearing an ostentations religious or political symbol, I see this as a threat, an invasion of privacy.
I would feel much more relaxed if this person didn’t shove his convictions into my face.
Even though I love animals, I don’t wear a PETA label on my lapel.
Even though I dislike the Republican drift to the Extreme-Right, I don’t wear a tag saying “Hump Trump!”

If worship you must (I don’t) do it in the privacy of your own yurt.
I don’t need to know that you are holding Satanic Masses in your basement.
As long as you are not assembling explosive devices, I don’t care.
But again don’t force me to recognize that you are some intolerant prick. It will show soon enough.

As far as I concerned, all religious and political symbols should be banned. They don’t serve any useful purpose but to antagonize and set people against each other.


One thought on “Showing off”

  1. What you have written very wise. There is enou
    gh advertising everywhere
    and it is more offensive when an individual thrusts his personal point of view into my
    sight. I am also tired of “phobic”. I prefer tea to coffee, so am I
    Coffeephobic. Saying one is phobic shows insecurity. Also introductions.
    I have heard ‘this is my lover’ …….. as if I really care. No need to profer
    relationship merely introduce person by their name.

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