Au fer

I used to be a “raspailleur” and now, inspired by Marco Foyot’s preaching, I an aspiring to become a “ferrailleur”.

For the pros, there is big distinction between these two types of “gunslingers”.
A “raspailleur” is a mere journeyman, while a “ferrailleur” is a prince among “petanqueurs”.

A “raspailleur” is somebody who shoots by throwing his boule along the ground prior to hitting his target. It works, but this method has obvious limitations. If anything stands between the shooter and his target, the would-be shooter is incapable of hitting his target
But above all, shooting “à la raspaille” is frowned upon by purists.

A “ferrailleur” on the other hand is somebody who shoots “au fer” (iron to iron), and unlike a lowly “raspailleur” his peers hold him in high regard.
It probably took him years of assiduous efforts to acquire his nobility papers, but once a blue blood always a blue blood.

As I previously said, my epiphany was prompted by Marco Foyot’s preaching.
“Go forth and multiply,” he said to his followers, and as one of his apostle I could do nothing but obey.

Once you start shooting “au fer”, you cannot revert shooting “a la raspaille”.
If you do, it would be like switching back to hamburger after having tasted “filet mignon”.

After achieving a “carreau” a “ferrailleur” is allowed to strut (not too much though) or even take a bow. It would a bad “faux-pas” for a “raspailleur” to indulge in such a thing.

A slo-mo video of a “carreau” is a thing of beauty. The boule rises slowly in the air, hangs for a second in space before reversing its course and streaking back to earth.
As it is approaching its target, it accelerates and finally hits its mark with a highly satisfying sound.

The king of carreaux is a “carreau sur place”, when the attacking boule hits its target squarely on the head, dislodges it and take its place.

Well fellow Boulomanes, have mercy on me but I want to do this.
I want to be in the number of the pros who can do this.

Oh when the pros go marching in
When the pros go marching in
Oh lord I want to be in that number
When the pros go marching in

On that hallelujah day
On that hallelujah day
Oh lord I want to be in that number
When the pros go marching in

Alain La Foudre


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