The Foyot gravitational pull effect

I don’t know if it is my beautiful prose, my glorious photos or the “Foyot gravitational pull effect” but in the last two days my blog has registered over 400 visitors and I am still wondering what caused this stampede.

Needless to say that I am very happy about this turn of events, but again I am curious about what caused this sudden surge of interest for my humble little blog.
Is it suddenly turning into a major pilgrimage site because Marco Foyot’s name was motioned there?

I am pretty sure that Marco’s charisma had a lot to do with it, but is it the only reason?
If it is, I want the awesome-twosome (Marco and Bernard) to come visit as often as possible.

IMG_3068 - Version 2If it is not, could it be my photographic skills?
I always aim for candid shots, trying to catch subjects when they least expect it, when they are the most natural. An outstanding shot is rare and often unexpected. That’s why when I return from a shooting expedition I rush to upload all my shots to my computer to see if I caught any gem.

I haste to add that I will never intentionally publish unflattering shots and will always destroy unattractive photos.
As a matter of fact I always agonize over what to keep and what to publish. Generally speaking, I keep less than one third of all my shots and discard the rest.

So, everything taken in account, I surmise that this outpouring of interest was caused by Marco Foyot and his supernatural powers.

Not bad for a guy who practically never uttered a single word of English in front of a mainly Anglo audience.
Like Jesus, he seemed to walk on water and performed a few miraculous shots to dazzle the faithful. Personally I will always remember an extraordinarily accurate “plombée” and a few beautiful “spin” shots.
Marco didn’t resurrect anybody, but he came close to it.

He did for pétanque last Sunday in Sonoma what Federer did for tennis at Wimbledon.
Infuse his audience with enthusiasm for the game and generate a burning desire for excellence.

We all ought to be thankful for that.

Alain La Foudre