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Over the last few months I have tried to make my blog as visitor-friendly as possible. But I realize that some features might still not be obvious.
So here is a brief explanation of the different links (always shown in blue) appearing on the homepage.

Search window
The Search window is located on the upper right corner of the homepage, above the header picture.
If you are looking for a specific article, enter a “keyword” in the window and press the return button on your computer.
All the articles containing the mentioned keyword will appear.

En français
When you click on « En français » all the articles written in French will show up.

Local pétanque clubs
Major Bay Area pétanque clubs are listed on this page.
Clicking on one of the club’s name will bring up its website and hopefully what you are looking for. Unfortunately, not all the websites are kept up-to-date

LPM calendar
The LPM calendar will show you all the events scheduled by La Pétanque Marinière for the 2013 season. It is constantly updated. Before heading for a tournament, be sure to have quick look at it for facts confirmation.

If you remember when an article has been published, click on a certain month and all the articles posted during that month will appear.

My photos
If you want to look at photos of various events, click on “My photos” and then click on the event you wish to see. Turn on the sound of you computer to hear the accompanying music and click on “Start Slideshow” (upper right corner) to start automatic viewing of all the pictures of this particular event.

Subscribe to blog
If you want to receive e-mail notification of a new post, enter you e-mail address in this window and press the return key.
If you don’t see any notification message in your inbox after a significant amount of time, check your “Trash” or “Spam” boxes. The notification messages might be there.

Leave a reply (bottom of the page)
If you want to add a comment to a certain post, click on this link. A window will appear and you will be able to leave your comment.
Be aware that all comments are monitored and that any statement judged offensive or irrelevant will not be published.

Print this article
Click on “print” to get a hard copy of any article

Click on the Email icon to forward this article to a friend.

Hoping that all the above has been helpful, I wish you a pleasant day.



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