2017 Annual Lamb Picnic

So it is September again, the season’s languorous time of slowly retreating summer, falling leaves and gradually fading daylight.

It is also our club’s time-honored tradition of feasting on lamb and welcoming new would-be pétanque players. This picnic, by the way, would not have taken place without the generosity of a mysterious benefactor who donated some money to the club. Whoever you are, generous backer, thank you very much.

After taking note of Calvert Barron’s lament about my prolonged absence from the field, I tried my best yesterday to make amends and snap as many pictures I could. But still feeling a little wobbly on my legs, I used a small camera instead of Big Bertha and it shows. Sorry about that.

Tamara Efron, Ed Porto, Maryann Curley

The weather was hot and muggy (93 degrees) but nobody should complain considering what’s happening in Florida. Warmest thoughts for all the Floridians and Georgians.

A bunch of people still showed up to munch on lamb and compete in the tournament. Fourteen triplettes (42 people) were put together and set to go head to head against the competition.

The lamb was prepared by world famous “rôtisseurs » Antoine Lofaro, Jean-Claude Etallaz and Serge Hanne. Thank you, gentlemen, for your efforts.

The tournament (panaché format) started after lunch. Panaché means that players switch partners every game. With a little luck you inherit experienced players, otherwise, you will have to green and bear it.

Three games were played after lunch and individual scores were kept for each player. To come on top and secure a prize, you had to win a maximum of games and then also score a maximum of points.

Keeping track of the scores were Christine Cragg and Liv Kraft. Thank you ladies.

This friendly tournament was a good occasion to renew acquaintances… and learn a few things. Even though I thought of possessing a decent French vocabulary, Maryann Curley taught a new word (anoure). Thank you MaryAnn.

Liza Moran is always a delight to talk to and I enjoyed listening to Noel Macovecchio’s wicked lawyerly tales.

I saw again with pleasure Jacques Rattaire, a far off club member, an excellent player, and an all around good guy. Anybody who rescues animals in distress rates high in my book.

I had a nice conversation with Caitlin Woodburry (who faithfully reads my blog) and Sabine Mattei.  Sabine’s dog is adorable and if she is not careful I might dognap the pooch one of these days.

I don’t know if you noticed, but Gustave Foucher (with an arrow sticking out of his butt) was trying very hard to impersonate Custer’s last stand.

My wife Tamara did an excellent pointing job and managed to snatch one of the first places in this tournament. She always tries to outshine me and she often succeeds, dammit!

The big winners

1st place: Tamara Efron, Ed Porto, Maryann Curley
2nd place: Jacques Rattaire, Jean-Philippe Wyek, Okawa Akira
3rd place: Henry Wessel, Wyatt, John Morrison

Altogether, an excellent day and.


PS: To look at photos of this event, click on the “My Photos” link located on the right side of this page. For best viewing, go Full Screen.

Hit them where it hurts

When a business is uncooperative, don’t hesitate to hit it in the nether regions.

I have found that a customer’s most potent weapon against an uncooperative business is a smart diatribe posted on social media. Assail the company’s image and shame it publicly.

If a firm does not respond to your phone calls or your email, let the public at large know about it. It works amazingly well.

A little while ago, trying to mitigate the medical expenses incurred by my cat, I signed up with a pet insurance company. I started to pay my monthly dues and shortly after my last visit to the vet, I submitted a claim.

Later on, I checked my claim’s status on the company’s website. Nothing seemed to have happened. I called to make sure that they received my request. After having been shuffled through different departments and put on hold indefinitely, I hung up. I then send an email inquiring about my claim.
No response.

La moutarde commença à me monter au nez! My nose started to get tickled by the mustard!

I found its corporate presence on Facebook and I let my anger spill.

Before long I received an email from the insurance company apologizing for the delay and informing me that my claim was being processed. It follows that if a company ignores you, use social media to prod their thick hide. No insults necessary. Just the facts ma’am.

Social media can be a nuisance but in some cases, it can also be a potent weapon. If a company fails to address your concerns, use the power of the pen to chastise that outfit.
Consequently, you will enjoy some results, I guarantee it.


Appreciate what you have

To appreciate the light, you must have known the darkness… Mick Deev 

Most of us take ordinary activities for granted. We don’t really appreciate their true value until suddenly deprived of them.

Among the most traumatic deprivations that I can imagine are the lacks of freedom, food or sleep; if deprived of any of those activities you are bound to endure great stress. But there are many other activities that you will equally miss (love, friendship, social interaction, sex) if incapable of fulfilling them.

If you eat steak and lobster every day, you will gradually lose your taste for it. It is only when unable to do so that you will begin to crave it again.
Presuming that you are fortunate enough to draw a large monthly salary, I can guarantee that you won’t appreciate it as much as someone hitting a once in a million jackpot.

The same goes for sex. If you do the nasty twice a day, you won’t get the same gratification as if doing it twice a week. It is the relative rarity of the deed, not the frequency that makes it valuable. You need to hunger for something to properly appreciate it.

Lately due to some reconstructive surgery, I have been unable to walk without assistance, drive and of course play pétanque. All restrictive and frustrating constraints.
Frustration by the way often leads to aggression and I might have been feuding with my feline companion more than usual. When socially engaged, I felt that she did not empathize with me; she just flattened her ears, swished her tail back and forth and stared. She did not show any appreciation for past favors and this is not cool.

My condition is slowly improving and with it the appreciation of what I can now accomplish. While still unable to play pétanque,  I can now walk and drive without too much trouble.
I look forward to showing up on the field and play a few rounds with any you.

The greatest accomplishment is not in never failing, but in rising again after you fall. Vince Lombardi

Do not take routine tasks for granted. Clean the cat box and take the garbage out without grumbling because you don’t know how lucky you are to be able to do so.



Despite appearances, I am no saint. I seldom walk on water and I don’t love everybody. As a matter of fact there is a bunch of people that I actively dislike.

Among those are Hypocrites, dudes pretending to be what they are not, and doing what they tell other people not to do. Regrettably these Tartuffes thrive almost everywhere, especially in the field of politics and in the clergy.

I admit that it is difficult to be a politician without being a hypocrite, but why would you want to be in politics in the first place? To satisfy a burning desire to help your fellow men? Don’t make me laugh I just had surgery… A lust for power and its beguiling perks is the main motivation and has always been!

To get elected a politician needs to be a political chameleon. He has to charm fool as many people as possible, and he has to make good use of “alternative facts”.

“I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall.”

Fortunately, most of the statements made by a politico are recorded and can (and absolutely should) be used against him.
Beware of people claiming to have higher moral standards than you; they might be the worst offenders..

I would rather vote for somebody who frankly admits his shortcomings than for a lily-white bible thumping hypocrite.

A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation. Adlai E. Stevenson

Hypocrites are more dangerous than liars because they sometimes believe  what they are saying.


Riding along in my automobile

I have being driving since the dawn of time (or so it seems) and I always highly prized this privilege. Last month though, I had to undergo some surgery and was prohibited from operating a vehicle for a while. A mighty blow to my independence, especially since I am living in a quasi-rural area.

When you reside in a metropolitan area, moving around is no problem; public transportation is omnipresent. But when you live in close proximity to cows (yes), you face a different situation. Driving is an absolute must.

My steed has been inactive for about a month and the air in its stall is getting stale. It is high time to groom it and take it out for a ride, because yes Virginia, there is such a thing as galloping fever.

Photo by Alain Efron

No matter what your occupation is, you need to momentarily escape the confinement of your abode to remain connected with the outside world. And in California you need to drive to get there.

For the time being driving is an absolute necessity but in a year or two, this might not be the case. Driverless cars are starting to materialize and the public seems to be ready to accept them because who needs the hassle of parking?

A license for car riders might not even be needed  anymore.  A vehicle will be summoned by a smartphone and will magically appear on a doorstep. They will say: take me to the ballpark and continue a worry-free conversation with God or their business associates .

I don’t think that driving a vehicle will be missed. You won’t lose your independence and you will get rid of the costly inconvenience of ownership. Just like the horses of yore, individual cars will vanish and become another rental commodity.

But for the time being, I still need and enjoy the convenience of a private car. It takes me where I want whenever I want. And, as a bonus it gives me the pleasure to curse inconsiderate drivers in my native tongue. You could not do this in a driverless car.

Ten to 20 years out, driving your car will be viewed as equivalently immoral as smoking cigarettes around other people is today. Marc Andreessen


PS: I will start driving again in a few days.

His Master’s Voice

Photo by Alain Efron

If somebody from a distant planet landed on earth and undertook to write a report on its dwellers, he would probably record that they seem to be subservient to an intriguing little box called a cellphone.

The observer would not be too surprised though. On his own planet, machines of all sorts also mingle freely with its inhabitants and even compete with them. Some rightwing alarmists have voiced concerns that these “things” might even breed with them and eventually enslave the entire galaxy. But they are no concrete facts (so far) to substantiate these assertions.

There is no doubt that cellular phones are amazing entities capable of performing many tasks. But it is up to humans to keep them in check and decline to respond to their every request. If not, they can become extremely aggressive and seriously harm relationships. Like spoiled children cellphones must be disciplined and taught that there is a time and a place for everything.

If not restrained they will intrude on very facet of your life, spoil dinner parties, religious services, yoga sessions and even sexual congresses, a multi-consequential transgression to avoid at all costs.

So-called smart phones are amazingly versatile devices capable of executing many tasks, but humans should avoid becoming too fond of them.
Cellphones should mainly be used to communicate with relatives, friends, coworkers and bookies. They can be a lifeline and a powerful psychological prop for seniors or people living alone knowing that they can summon help anytime.
A cellphone is like a pacemaker for these people, and whatever the reasons it should never be turned off.

On the plus side, cellphones can help with destination guidance, transfer of data, photos of accidents, or videos of civic disturbances.

But they can also be a great source of distraction and considerably increase the risks of accidents. And there are also more secrets hidden inside a cellphone than anywhere else. In case of loss it could become a serious liability.

Cellphones are generally thin and good-looking, and one finds it difficult to break up with them. To stay in good terms with your clingy device, keep it fully charged and take it out to a fancy place once in a while… and ask it to keep mum.

As they say in France: “Sois belle et tais toi” (be beautiful and keep quiet).


Back in the saddle again

All I want is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power. Ashleigh Brilliant

Almost exactly three weeks after my back surgery I am up and running… Well not quite… let’s say up and strolling… with a cane. Like Lazarus (but without the help of The Carpenter) I have risen from my sickbed and started walking again. Alleluia!

I can now climb up fairly easily the once daunting fourteen steps leading to the upper floor and annoy my ever-slumbering cat again. I have reclaimed my command post in front of my wide screen Mac and I am ready to churn out the hot stuff that you expect (?).

Tonight I will also move back to the conjugal bed that I had to abandon after being slit open by a mad medic. It is way more comfortable than the practical (but cramped) hospital bed that I had to use up to now.

My becoming mobile again might prove a mixed blessing for my wife. Faced with my newly regained independence, she will have to relinquish her almost absolute power (women hate that) over me, and incidentally half of the bed. I will also reclaim authority over the bedroom TV remote control. There are no small victories.

Any relationship you need to understand has always been a covert struggle for dominance. I am Napoleon and she is Ekaterina the Great, two people not to be trifled with, especially man-eating Ekaterina. So, we both keep our powder dry, just in case.

My consort by the way always dreamed to be a nurse and emulate Florence Nightingale but I doubt that Florence had much shut-eye and my wife values sleep too much to ever have pursued that path.
So it is a fair trade: she will (hopefully) relinquish power in exchange for uninterrupted nights of sleep.

See you soon on the field compañeros!


Women desire six things: They want their husbands to be brave, wise, rich, generous, obedient to wife, and lively in bed. Geoffrey Chaucer

Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated…

Despite my initial reluctance, my head nurse Tamara managed to drag me yesterday to Peet’s Coffee for a little coffee klatch in the sun.

Photo by Tamara

It was my first public appearance since my surgery, and leaning on a cane I hauled myself to the terrace and carefully lowered my backside into a chair. I have always been fond of sitting outdoors, sizing up passersby and assessing the charms of the girls floating by.

Next to Peet’s, there is a fitness center patronized mainly by women and there is a continual procession of yoga panted girls prancing around. Since Adam and Eve, every girl has been taught that “if you have got it babe, you must flaunt it” and they dutifully abide by this dictum, more or less openly.

They pass you by seemingly unaware of you gaze, but a quick sideway glance always betray them. They furtively make sure that you look at them. I always oblige because if you don’t, you might hurt their self-esteem.

Contrarily to common belief you don’t die when you stop breathing. You cross the Great Divide when you lose interest in the opposite sex. And this is very reassuring to me because in spite of my temporary setback, I still like to watch girls.

The art of girl watching should be taught in school, because there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. To do this properly, your glance should operate like a radar beam. It should rotate slowly and steadily in order to cover a wide area. It should be an easy and natural scan, a little bit like a slow motion golf swing or a tennis backhand. It should be smooth and effortless.

But not everybody is blessed with this talent though. In spite of years of practice, some guys still fail to swing properly. Instead of a low intensity radar scan, they use a high pulse repetition frequency device that scares and drives off the lassies.

In an ideal world, everything should be done with flair and finesse. But to do so takes a lot of rehearsing and there is no better practice than to keep doing what comes naturally to a true blue metrosexual gentleman.

Why not show off if you’ve got something to show? January Jones


The delight of opening a new pursuit…

Consciously or not, every person longs for novelty; for something fresh and unfamiliar that will bring excitement into a monotonous existence. If that longing is not satisfied, dormant Boredom will awake and nag you.
It is a common ailment that can affect humans and animals alike. It silently creeps up on you and insidiously morphs people and animals into unhappy individuals.

Happiness is a dedicated leg warmer

Regardless how contented you are, some day soon you will feel bored, hankering for some novelty. It could be a new phone, a new car, a new job… a new surgery (ha ha ha) even a new relationship…
It does not mean that you don’t like your mate anymore. It simply means that you want to experience something different, something new to spice up an uneventful routine. This is the so-called mid-life crisis affecting mainly quadragenarians and described by the French as “le démon de midi (middle-aged lust).

Novelty serves us for a kind of refreshment, and takes off from that satiety we are apt to complain of in our usual and ordinary entertainments. Joseph Addison

Just like children getting tired of their toys, grownups get bored with theirs. They need a steady stream of adrenaline shots to feel content. Some vacations can fill that void, but temporarily.

“Leave home, leave the country, leave the familiar. Only then can routine experience—buying bread, eating vegetables, even saying hello—become new all over again.” ― Anthony Doerr

Novelty is the antidote to boredom. One must acquire new toys on a regular basis to feel gratified and Amazon shrewdly tapped into that vein; it provides the perfect channel for that craving. You just have to click a button and kindly Uncle Amazon will oblige. No questions asked and it is much more efficient than Santa’s old routine. No letter to write and no anxious waiting period. You can satisfy your longing and play with your new toy within days.

The key to fend off Demon Boredom is planning ahead. One should always have something to look forward to. When I was skiing in France, I remember hearing French people already talking about their upcoming summer vacation.
That’s the way to do it. Plan your future like a D-Day operation. Every month storm a new beach… or a new restaurant.

If you are not careful, “le démon de midi” might creep into your home and wreck havoc with your quiet, happily boring life.


Keep the wind in your cell

No self-respecting teen would ever think of showing up in school without a cell phone; it would be too gauche, too weird, too embarrassing. A cell phone you should know is a must-have component of a teen on the go, and without it, you are nothing, nada, RIEN.

When you are deprived of mobility, staying in touch with your loved ones, your friends, even your creditors, is extremely important and the cell phone is the perfect implement to fulfill that function.

Since I left the hospital, I have been housebound and my only link with the outside world has been this remarkable gadget. Kate, my lady in waiting, is doing her best to coddle me but that’s not enough. She is a great caretaker, but like many pretty things, a little empty-headed. She can cuddle but she cannot cook or even fetch me my slippers.

When handicapped, you have no better friend than your cell phone and I am not embarrassed to say that when I go to sleep I cling to my iPhone like a pacifier. I am not sucking on it, but it is close.

I have become a newborn Christian teenager again and texting, sexting or messaging is now part of my regular routine. I can keep in touch with old partners in crime or plot new escapades from under my blanket. In the mean time, my spies in the field keep me aware of what’s going on outside my small Big House and are waiting for my instructions to proceed.

I could tweet some grandiose non-sense but I prefer not too. I entrust that role to our Tweeter-in-chief who is obviously more adept (?) than me at that.

The road to recovery goes through dark swamps and gloomy forests but my guiding light is the hope of walking unhampered and competing with you very soon.

Before I go, thank you again to all those people who have called, texted, tweeted, visited and made my life so much more pleasant by doing so.

Thank you brothers and sisters!

Ce n’est qu’un au revoir mes frères…