Limited-Term Residence Permit

Few people ever consider that we all hold a “limited-term residence permit” for this planet. Even with “contacts,” obtaining a “permanent resident” permit is impossible—and perhaps that’s for the best.

Most of us don’t think about it until we’re confronted with the unexpected passing of a friend. How could this happen? This person was part of our lives, and we liked it that way. But he too, only held a “limited-term residence permit,” and we forgot it.

Life is not a long, quiet river. It is a meandering stream, prone to unexpected turbulence. In many ways, life resembles whitewater kayaking. Sometimes the stream is calm, allowing for relaxation, but other times you must paddle like crazy to stay afloat.

No one knows what the future holds, or how long we will live, until lightning strikes close to home. Then, your mortality comes into sharper focus. That long-forgotten reality, your earthly “residence permit,” slowly emerges from the fog and becomes more visible. We seldom think about it, but each time we lose a friend, we also lose a part of our own lives.

Your lifespan often depends on luck, or events happening on the other side of the planet. It would help if you had both luck and drive to propel you forward.

However, there is no need to worry excessively about this. Que sera, sera! No amount of worrying or crying will help. Yes, you could stop drinking, smoking, and overindulging yourself, but would it be worth living the rest of your life like a cloistered monk? No matter what, life goes on.

We will miss our friends, all of them, and like for special pets, there will always be a warm place in our hearts for them.

Farewell, Jean-Claude, we all have been lucky to know you. 💔