You can’t go on being what you have been

Yesterday, Saturday, February 10th, unfolded as a great day, bathing in sunshine, and eventually warming up. However, the turnout didn’t match the weather’s cheerfulness, as many people chose to remain indoors. Consequently, only 26 players, predominantly from our club, graced our field for this first tournament of the year.

Handling the registration process and overseeing the tournament’s proceedings were Christine Cragg and Shama, launching the event around 10:00 am. The day’s schedule comprised five games, three in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Despite the bright sunshine, the field retained some of its previous dampness, presenting an extra challenge for most of the players. Extra effort was required to propel the boules toward their targets, putting additional strain, especially on aging bodies.

Fortune favored me with Eddy Pay (a good shooter) as my partner. Our first match pitted us against, Jean-Michel Poulnot and Jean-Claude Bunand. Despite Jean-Michel’s great form and initial dominance, we managed to mount a good comeback and clinched victory with a score of 13/11.

Our second encounter saw us facing off against Delio, and Rick Z. They chose to play on the far right of the pétanque court (near the registration desk) where the is a notable incline. They also opted to play long, where negotiating uphill shots demanded extra exertion.

It proved to be a strenuous battle, teetering on the edge throughout. Although victory seemed within grasp at times, our opponents ultimately clinched to win by an extra narrow margin of 13/12.

As the French adage goes, “On ne peut être après avoir été” (You can’t go on being what you have been), a sobering reminder for me of the aging process. Regrettably, my back pain became so unbearable after the last game that it compelled me to withdraw from the tournament.

Thankfully, Ben Pierce was present on the field and graciously agreed to take my place. I retreated shortly after 2:00 PM and headed home to give my back a much-needed respite.

Additional information provided by Christine Cragg:

1st place: Mark Shirkey & Kurt Lundblad: $65.00 ea
2nd place: Bernard Passemar & Loël McPhee
3rd place: Rick Zieke & Delio Cuneo: $26.00 ea

Before leaving the field though, I also managed to take a few pictures to give you an idea of what happened. Please watch.