Ignorance is bliss… or is it?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Ignorance is bliss”? As you grow older, you will come to realize that this notion is far from being true. It’s a pervasive lie perpetuated by various sectors of our society. Ignorance puts blinders on you, and that’s the way the ruling classes prefer it.

In the Middle Ages, only priests could read, and they wielded this privilege to their advantage. They could dictate what was good or bad for you (and for them), without delving into details. It was a matter of blind obedience to their instructions.

Though time has passed, some aspects of life have remained unchanged. Today’s doctors often play a role similar to the priests of yesteryear. They may possess knowledge, but they seem to be reluctant (or pressed by time) to share it with their patients. Due to our limited understanding of medicine, we tend to listen to our doctors and blindly follow their directives.

However, as you age, you’ll discover that this approach is fundamentally flawed. A consultation with your doctor should not be a one-sided conversation dominated by the physician. Instead, it should be an intelligent dialogue. But how can it be a dialogue when medical professionals communicate in Latin, a language you might not fully understand and are afraid to ask?

For a meaningful dialogue, knowledge is crucial. Without it, you can only listen without asking pertinent questions. The human body is akin to a mechanical device; regular maintenance is essential for optimal functioning. Just as you don’t take your car to the garage only when it breaks down, your body requires consistent attention from scratch.

Initiating maintenance from the beginning and staying aware of your body’s functionality, understanding trends and weaknesses since birth, are vital. Knowing the significance of the numbers in your medical tests and what actions to take for prevention and correction is equally important.

This awareness shouldn’t start when you begin experiencing issues in your so-called “Golden Age.” To make your later years truly golden, it’s imperative to cultivate a body-conscious mindset early on.

Never take your health for granted. Stay vigilant about the numbers from your medical tests and ask pointed questions of your regular physician.

Ignorance is not bliss; it’s a grave delusion. The remedy for this regrettable knowledge gap is to be aggressively aware and proactive.