Sweet memories

“Youth would be an ideal state if it arrived a little later in life.”Herbert Asquith

According to AARP, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones celebrated his 80th birthday last December and continues to rock. I reached the age of 85 myself on January 6 of this year, and like Keith, I aimed to show that we ‘oldies’ can still swing (mainly our arms).

So, I decided to throw a small party for my fellow Capricorns: Jacques Gautier, Jean-Claude Bunand, and myself. The challenge with these birthdays is their timing in January—right in the heart of winter when daylight is limited, and the mood for celebration a bit subdued.

It seemed that our pétanque court, equipped with picnic tables and ample parking space, would be the most convenient location for this little shindig.

In the past few days, I kept a close eye on the weather forecast and hoped for a decent day on either January 6 or 7. Thankfully, fate smiled upon me, granting me a sunny day on January 7. With the weather on our side, I promptly invited a group of people to join us for some Galettes des Rois, Champagne, and a bit of pétanque.

Around two dozen individuals responded positively, and last Sunday, we all gathered to celebrate our birthdays. Unfortunately, our dear friend Jacques Gautier could not attend due to serious health problems. Nevertheless, our thoughts were with him throughout the festivities.

The merriment started around noon, as we shared some tasty (albeit pricey) Galette des Rois and Champagne, along with a delectable ‘tarte aux pommes’ baked by Tamara. Sara Danielson and Mireille Di Maio found the lucky charms hidden within the galettes, earning themselves the titles of Queens for the day.

The remainder of the day was dedicated to playing pétanque. Despite the brisk (but sunny) weather, everyone had a great time.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, to share food, drinks, camaraderie, and the joy of pétanque.


Practical advice from Sabine Mattei:
“If all the toilets in your house are occupied and you’re waiting for one to become free, try turning off the Wi-Fi.”

PS: Due to a lack of time, I have only a few pictures to share. Sorry