3rd Annual Women’s Pétanque Day

Yesterday, I went to the field to play a little pétanque, but mainly to cover the 3rd Annual Women’s Pétanque Day.

Driven by my (adopted) sister Ann Krilanovich, this event proved very popular and was very successful. Ultimately, about 20 ladies responded to Ann’s call to arms and came to compete and enjoy the day. And enjoyed they did.

Entirely organized and run by women, this event is here to stay and will become even more popular as time goes by. I believe that yesterday, women outnumbered men almost by 2 to 1, and men prudently chose to remain aside to mind their own business.

However, the women proved to be unselfish and graciously offered to share their goods with the male population. The mood was very festive, but I refused to kiss or embrace anybody. A recent little bout with COVID made me a little skittish, and for a while, I will avoid all unnecessary close contact with my fellow pétanquers. Sorry ladies, but I am temporarily off-limits.

Besides fulfilling my duties as a highly paid-paparazzo, I also played a few games with the guys. I ended up teaming up with Eddy and facing John-Philip and Antoine, both excellent players. Antoine is as everybody knows an excellent shooter, but he was greatly helped by John-Philip who despite an injury to his right arm played amazingly well with his left arm. I certainly couldn’t do this. I am a strict righthander and am not allowed to use the left side of my body under any circumstances.

As I previously said, I played with Eddy who proved to be a deadly accurate shooter. We lost 2 games against John-Philip and Antoine but managed to win the 3rd game. Nothing my friends tastes better than success.

To sum it up, it was an excellent day, enjoyed without a doubt by everybody present. Thank you, Ann (and Christine) for putting together such a great event.


PS: be sure to watch the pictures, on a full screen if possible.

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