New Year Resolutions

Ah, a brand-new, shiny year… pregnant with good resolutions… But it seems alas that these admirable decisions (probably made under the influence) are always taken too soon. Never hurry to implement important changes.

“Once my decision is made, I hesitate for a long time.” Jules Renard

So, do I. It is wiser and more mature.

When deciding on New Year resolutions, you should not be too ambitious. Your goals should be modest and reachable, otherwise, they will quickly fall apart and leave you disheartened.

A few days ago, I was having lunch with some friends, and we discussed our goals for the new year. We are not kids anymore and we usually weigh our thoughts carefully.

My first guest quickly revealed his decision. I will continue to smoke he said. We all nodded in agreement. A reachable goal indeed. Not too ambitious, doable to be sure.

The second guest said: I will continue to eat.  Another mature, sensible resolution. To endure, you need to nurture the body.

When my turn came, I said: I will continue to breathe. A resolution that was also warmly approved by my friends.

Another friend decided to lose weight. A good, but difficult objective. When we told her so, she simply said “I will just avoid anything that makes me look fat… mirrors, weighing scales, photos…”

We thought this was very clever, and we congratulated her for a smart, feasible decision.

Friends are important. They advise you and encourage you when you need help. But there are friends, and there are friends… They all rate differently. They are kind of like boobs… some are little, some are big, some are genuine, and some are fake.
So, when you decide to befriend somebody, please choose carefully, and go along with what you feel comfy.

“To like and dislike the same things is what makes a solid friendship.”

To sum it up, let’s resolve this year to make better bad decisions! May the Farce be with you!


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