An emphatic No to theocracy

Ali Khamenei

Every morning I watch American news on ABC and French news on TV5. And not surprisingly, the content of these 2 broadcasts can be widely different.

Right now, America is preoccupied with midterms elections and Ukraine. The French are paying more attention to Iran and its convulsions.

In Iran and Russia, the leadership picked fights with the wrong adversaries. After Russia’s blatant aggression against Ukraine, the determined neighbor had no intention to throw in the towel and is punching back ferociously. Any idiot (listen up Vladimir) knows that it is always better to “let sleeping dogs lie.”

After 40 years of mullahs’ petty harassment, Iranians are finally waking up and protesting the persecution of the “Holier than thou” clerics and the hated “morality police”.

These last few weeks the Islamic Republic of Iran has been shaken off its foundations by angry mobs demanding an end to the subjugation and marginalization of women. And it’s not only women urging the end of this nefarious “theocracy”; men are also joining in, demanding an end to this barbaric oppression.

Mullahs are now the target of their former disciples. I watched with glee on television young passersby harassing their former tormentors and knocking off their turbans.

There is nothing more nefarious than a theocracy. Under the guise of piety, religious bullies are grabbing power and imposing absurd rules to control every aspect of their countrymen’s lives. Thankfully, the clergy is now losing ground in educated democracies around the world and toning down their crude rhetoric.

“I believe in an America … where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches, or any other ecclesiastical source.” ~ John F. Kennedy


Iranians should know that few people around the world are fond of meddling clergy. After the French Revolution of 1789, “approximately thirty thousand priests had been forced to leave France, and several hundred who did not leave were executed.” 

In Iran, the ruling class headed by a powerful (and antiquated) “Supreme Leader” does not give a damn about common people or women. The Shah was no pussycat, but the mullahs are much worse.

It is my fervent hope that the Iranians will succeed in overthrowing their present leaders and start anew with a real democracy a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of state, typically through elected representatives.”

Democracy, fragile democracy is in trouble around the world, and in America. If you don’t want red-hatted fanatics to take over and take away your basic rights, hurry to the voting booths and cast your vote. Every single vote counts!


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