Pain is a funny thing

Pain can be like a moody lover. It may appear and disappear suddenly without ever offering any explanations.  But it can also become a permanent, unpleasant guest. And as Benjamin Franklin once said, “a bad guest is like fish; after three days it begins to smell.” After a few months of free-loading, my guest started to really stink.

According to Medical News Today, “Pain is an unpleasant sensation and emotional experience that links to tissue damage. It allows the body to react and prevent further tissue damage. People feel pain when a signal travels through nerve fibers to the brain for interpretation.”

 But sometimes your doctor and your brain are not in synch, and he fails to diagnose your problem. He will go by what he was taught in Medical School (and by what his hospital dictates) and will propose various tests and innocuous remedies. A little bit like searching for a dime in the dark.

When everything fails and the pain stubbornly refuses to go, you will try any remedy (often not condoned by the medical establishment) to make the pain disappear.

One day, while talking to a friend, he mentioned CBD-based products. Why not after all? A little research on the Internet led me to Charlotte’s Web (FDA-registered facility) and its trove of goods.

When you log in, the site offers a little questionnaire that will lead you to some products that might help. On the site, you click on “Product finder” and it will guide you to what you want. After a little reflection, I settled for a “back and neck pain relief ointment” and it came by mail a few days after I ordered it.

This ointment (with a strong smell of camphor and menthol) was kneaded into my lower back, and after just a few days I started to feel some relief. After about 10 days, the pain decreased significantly… and strangely retreated to a small area below my right shoulder blade.  It probably did not like the smell or the discomfort of the product and tried to find a more comfortable location to annoy me. But it is not as bad as the previous discomfort, and I think that eventually, the pain will vanish.

I don’t believe that I am “cured” but I feel definitely better, and I would recommend this product to anybody feeling my frustrating kind of pain. The very cautious medical establishment has not (yet) endorsed this product, so don’t ask your doctor to prescribe it. He won’t. But I tried it and I can testify that it brought some definite relief.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Buddha


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