Freedom is not free

Contrary to what some misguided people imagine, freedom is not the liberty to do anything you please.

Individual freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. You might be the king of your castle, but you are a trespasser on somebody else’s rights or property. And you might go to jail for exercising your so-called freedom when it clashes with official rules and common sense.

Refusing to wear a mask where it is mandated, does not fall under the category of individual freedom either. It is more an act of ignorance than defiance, and ignorance is definitely not bliss… Thousands have already died and many more will follow if we are not vigilant.

“Give me liberty or give me death” sounds catchy, but death will certainly come calling if you insist on your so-called freedom to do as you please.

The pandemic is not over… far from it, and like a cat, it has at least nine lives and probably more. Now is not the time to lower your guard and pretend that everything is back to normal, for it might never be “normal” again. Like a serial killer, the invisible enemy has settled among us and is inclined to strike unprotected victims.

The efficiency and safety of existing vaccines have been widely demonstrated and it does not make any sense for anybody to refuse an extended lifeline. Especially when it is offered everywhere and at absolutely no cost to anybody who wants it.

According to doctors and scientists, the individuals who had the common sense to get vaccinated are much less vulnerable to the Delta Variant than those who refused a prick in the arm. But the unvaccinated are highly susceptible to be infected and spread the disease.

“The freedom to be yourself, which everyone should try to access, is also, for some, the freedom to be a jerk or a bastard.” Guy Bedos

You are not alone on our poor mistreated planet, and before defending your “rights” you ought to think at least of your family and friends. Lack of intelligence is far from bliss… it is a lethal flaw, and the virus is licking its chops looking at you.

There is absolutely no excuse for the unvaccinated. When your house is on fire, your individual beliefs don’t matter anymore. It is Do or Die. Follow the evacuation orders or gamble with the devil… and Satan seldom loses.

In some extreme situations, individual “rights” are totally ignored. The global situation is dire (pandemic in Japan) and for the good of the majority, drastic measures should be implemented. Today, your freedom has been totally devalued, and would not buy you a cup of coffee.

Get smart and get vaccinated while you can. It is free, and it will certainly prevent you from spending harrowing weeks under a ventilator… or eternity in the Great Beyond.


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