Racism overkill

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of hearing about racism.
I fully realize that this statement is not politically correct, but I never liked political correctness anyway. There seems to be too much hypocrisy about it.

Yes, racism does exist, and it is highly unfortunate, but saturating the media with this single theme is not the way to go. Just like loud commercials, it will eventually prompt listeners to turn the sound off to avoid listening to another sermon… Especially during the pandemic season when everybody is more preoccupied with health issues than social justice.

Yes, bringing attention to persistent racism is laudable, but finesse is way more effective than brute force. Steady, subtle seduction is the way to go. You don’t win a girl’s heart with loud demonstrations of love. It is the small, steady, delicate attentions that will win her over.

It’s best if you can do things with a sense of humor and finesse. Eartha Kitt

You won’t eradicate racism in a few weeks, no matter how hard you try. Every nationality or ethnic group on earth has been subjected to this calamity one time or another.  Particularly the Jews… and it still persists.

If anything bad happens anywhere, it is a time-honored tradition among certain people to blame the Jews. For instance, delicious  GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene attributed wildfires to Secret Jewish Space Laser. Pretty damn clever those wicked Jews!
Never mind the innumerable good deeds Jewish doctors, scientists, and philanthropes have done for humanity.

The same goes for black Americans. Most are honest, hardworking citizens, but a minority of hoodlums take the limelight away from decent people. The press often emphasizes the wicked deeds of some and neglects to praise the accomplishments of the upstanding. This is wrong and has to stop. And so have police callousness.

Yes, Black lives matter, and “Honni soit qui mal y pense” but no more and no less than any other group.

In America, the Asians, the Irish, the Poles, the Italians, the Latinos, the American Indians, and many others have all been subjected to racism.

If you are a person inclined to make racist comments, mind your thoughts and watch your mouth. The world today is a living camera and whatever you do or say will be recorded for posterity.
Ted Cruz thought that he could get away with duplicity… he didn’t and will be haunted by it forever. And so will you if you err on the wrong side of the track.

Under differently colored skins, we all belong to the same human family.
Let’s all quietly and mutually respect each other.


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