“It is not in numbers, but unity, that our great strength lies.” ~ Thomas Paine

In his acceptance speech, Joe Biden’s keyword was unity.
E Pluribus Unum! (Out of many, one.) To succeed, we must unite… embrace and include everybody, and the president-elect indicated that he intends to do this, by words and by deeds.

 Now, the first requirement of a president is to be presidential… and unlike his (still sulking) petulant predecessor, Joe Biden understands this and behaves like one. And I hope that his official signature remains humble, not like the arrogant paraph of an autocrat approving a capital execution.

The new president-elect is approachable but dignified. A novelty after 4 years of official crass behavior. He also gets points for choosing a woman as his running mate. Including a woman of color in the ticket is also a right, uniting decision. It indicates that being a woman is no obstacle to higher office.

It is time for America to realize that a woman can be as good as a man (if not better), to lead and to inspire. Many nations around the world have already understood this and had no qualms to put a woman in the driver seat.

“You can’t have unity without diversity.” – Richard Twiss

Inclusion also means that not only a few but everybody shares the bounty of the land. No matter how high the Dow Jones Industrial Average is, it is not an indication of universal happiness; the minimum federal wage is a better way to gauge it.

Joe Biden promised to renew ties with many countries that Donald Trump insulted or tossed aside. It is going to be a difficult task that will require diplomacy… done by real diplomats, not relatives.

“America First” never was a good motto for our country. It sounds too much like “Deutschland über alles”. It shows selfishness and arrogance and does not inspire confidence with the (few) friends we still have in the world. “Compete but cooperate” sounds much more palatable to me.

Joe Biden also gets unanimous kudos for his decision to immediately set up a task force to fight Covid-19. A task force entirely composed of respected scientists, not ignorant toadies anxious to please their master.

Last but not least,  canines will be coming back to the White House. I understand that the Bidens’ have 2 German shepherds who are eager to explore and dig up the Rose Garden. In my book, anybody who loves animals gets extra points.

Welcome to the Casa Blanca mister President-elect and bless you for promoting unity! It is not a four-letter word.


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