Preconceived ideas are the problems

Most (or many) people harbor preconceived ideas about various subjects or issues. They will blame or praise any event before even becoming aware of all the facts. But life is never what it seems… it is neither all black nor all white. Every story has a great variety of shades… if you take the time to scrutinize it.

Few people are logical. Most of us are prejudiced and biased. Most of us are blighted with preconceived notions, with jealousy, suspicion, fear, envy, and pride. Dale Carnegie

In our video clips driven society, what is often seen as the ultimate truth is just part of a much larger picture. For example, are all demonstrators violent?  Are all black people innocent victims? Are all cops brutal and racist? It is impossible to generalize.

This of course does not excuse the needless brutality of some cops. But it sheds some needed light on recent events. Our society is becoming so extreme, so polarized that a return to an American Civil War is not an unthinkable fiction anymore. And keep in mind that more than 620, 000 men died in this conflict pitting Americans against Americans.

 The old French revolutionary slogan Liberté, égalité, fraternité is what should be encouraged and promotedin America today. Not Make America Great (and utterly disunited) Again.

Violent demonstrations and the rhetoric level need to come down. If you want to be heard, don’t shout. Just find someone who wants to listen to you so the right people hear your thoughts.

Progressive captains of industry should be the natural leaders of such movement. And some, like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, are… People like Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg should also jump in the fray and add their voices to the cause.

They have the forum and the means to bring about necessary reforms. Silicon Valley should be heard and add its might to the reform movement. One single voice (and the cash) of one CEO would have more impact than 20,000 angry demonstrators.

Don’t rely on politicians. They are just mercenaries following the scent of money. If you really want something to happen, throw barrels of cash at the problems. How do you think that the Panama Canal was completed?

“The United States spent almost $500,000,000 (roughly equivalent to $9,169,650,000 now) to finish the project.” Wikipedia

Think about it

Race is not the problem. Flagrant economic inequality is. Preconceived notions and hatred will crumble like cookies when everybody will make a respectable living and be able to afford decent housing.


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