Spotlight on police brutality

There is nothing new about police brutality. America is a violent country and brute force has been part of the landscape for a long time… but it has to stop. It has to be purged from our society, especially from all law enforcement agencies.

Mahatma Gandhi

Uncalled brutality does not serve any purpose other than to humiliate its victims. Ultimately it does not inspire respect or even fear, but hatred and a desire for retribution.

Even though some policemen are clearly guilty of gross misconduct, they are not directly to blame for their actions. Their direct leadership is… and above all, our  Justice system that bears the blame for such a national disgrace. Following the shocking death of George Floyd, the President of the United States should also have made a forceful statement condemning this tragedy. He did not.

When such a drama occurs, stern discipline should be immediately enforced. To show everyone that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated. All officers involved should instantly be removed from duty and held accountable.

There is no need for brutality anytime. In law enforcement, brawn is sometimes necessary, but gratuitous violence should never be used or tolerated.
When the public sees somebody mistreating a dog, there is a popular outcry and the guilty person is immediately apprehended. The same treatment should be applied to any brutal law enforcement officer.

A community needs a police force, but it should be beyond reproach. The minute its members misbehave, they immediately lose respect and credibility.

Protests are understandable (and warranted), but vandalism and looting are not. They cheapen the rightful anger of the protesters. A massive, dignified demonstration would have had a more positive impact on the popular psyche than fires and wanton destruction.

When this is over, the name of George Floyd will slowly fade away, but the devastation brought by vandals will be remembered for a long time. It will stigmatize one more time the victims of police brutality and unfortunately, make it harder to empathize with them.

The moral burden of this disastrous story is born by a government that cares more about business and politics than fairness and human compassion.

“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.” Mahatma Gandhi

Protest yes, but wretched violence no.


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