This is a global war

We have been in “shelter-in-place” for approximately one month, and as far as I am concerned, I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe just a faint flickering…

To win a war, a leader needs to seek counsel from experts (not toadies), and motivate all his countrymen to pull in the same direction. He has to be decisive and take responsibility for his actions. In such a cataclysmic situation, partisanship is also to be abjured.
So far, I have not seen any of those things being implemented.

When the homeland is under attack, the nation has to be united and fight the same enemy. There is no room for guerilla groups seeking to “liberate” parts of the country.

It is All for one and one for all and nothing else. As seen on news, our twitter-in-chief has not disavowed such “patriotic” groups.

As usual in such dire situations, conspiracy theories abound. The latest, communicated to me by a friend across the pond reads as follows:

“This virus must have been invented by a woman who in one fell swoop managed to suspend football, close bars and keep her husband at home.”

 I am usually pretty skeptical about this kind of rumor, but this hypothesis seems pretty plausible to me.

On the home front, everything is pretty quiet. We have delegated the cat to patrol our abode and so far, there is not much to report. She remains pretty closemouthed about her covert expeditions.

My foxhole partner is doing a great job and has kept busy planting flowers (and landmines) around the house, producing a variety of face masks and fattening the garrison with a dangerous assortment of homemade delicacies.

For my part, I am trying my best to also come up with some home innovations.
My command post is located on the second floor of our abode, and we have to climb up and down many times during the day. To make this task easier, I am thinking of installing some kind of dumbwaiter (or just rope and pulley) to facilitate the exchange of goods between the ground and the second floor.
Something like the hoist beams I have seen in Amsterdam…

But so far, despite my researches, I have not found the needed kit to implement such a device…  and my roommate is against this upgrade. She said that I need more exercise, and moving up and down 8 to 10 times a day will keep me in fighting shape for the upcoming (?) pétanque season.
Je ne sais pas…

This is all that I have report. Keep in mind that this war  will soon end and that we will all come out of the tranches and exchange plenty of (protected) kisses and hugs.

Ta ta for now…


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