Marin Pétanque: alive and well

Yesterday turned out to be a bright sunny day; something we had not seen in Marin for quite a while. The average temperature hovered around 65 degrees Fahrenheit and this managed to attract people who have been hibernating for months in their caves.

They popped up on the field like snails/mushrooms after the rain.

These last few months have been mostly cold and wet, and these conditions did not incite many people to visit our field. But yesterday, miracle of miracles, a little sunshine did more for morale than the Donald’s so-called “tax break”.

So, who was there? I probably could not name them all but I will try.
Sabine came with César (the friendliest and smartest dog on the planet). She brought along her usual partner in crime the divine Monique.
Antoine came with Eva, and a very cute puppy. To me, anybody who brings a pooch should get a free pass anywhere. Alain Marchand brought Evelyne, and a therapeutic pack of cigarettes.

Mark and Sandra were naturally present, and Sandra pointed terrifically as usual. Anybody who gets to play with her next Sunday will be a lucky bastard.
Helga and Mireille also came. Both excellent pointers. Charlie and Liv graced us with their presence. Jean-Philippe and Mike Rago were also present and could be heard from a distance.
The Swiss Menace Francois Moser and I completed this lot.

This gathering was truly a heartening sight for people who have been despairing about the club’s health and soundness. This augurs well for our next official tournament that will take place Sunday, February 9. Be sure to be there.

Between “mènes” I managed to snap a few pictures with my iPhone. Nothing fancy, just a few quick random shots to prove that I was not fibbing. You will find them by clicking the “My photos” link.

Due to the Super Bowl madness, I doubt very much that anybody will show on our field today. If anybody does, it would probably be viewed as anti-American and liable to imprisonment. Be careful.

A bientôt !


Sudden thought: If con is the opposite of pro, then is Congress the opposite of progress?

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