In praise of older women

“All women of all ages do not feel their ages anymore. The young girl feels older, and the older woman feels younger.” Reem Acra

Old age is not what it used to be.
According to Wikipedia, in the 1800s life expectancy for people of most countries was less than 40 years. In 1950, the global average was 46. In 2015, the global life expectancy was around 71, while in Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom it was above 80.
So today, at 40 a woman is still a fully functional, low mileage individual.

But women seen today on television or in movies are basically navel baring ingénues or know-it-all-ass-kicking-marathon-runners. They are usually under thirty and pretty much self-centered.

Why stick with such empty, insipid characters, when older women are sooo much more interesting? Any true aficionado will tell you that a woman doesn’t come into her own until she reaches the forties.

The advantages of older women are obvious to anybody who cares to find out. And French President Emmanuel Macron was always fully aware of this. He married his wife Brigitte who is 24 years his senior, and who has been pivotal in his career.

Most of the time older women know how to cook. It can be very beneficial if you are a fast-food regular.
They have grown children who are out of the way and don’t require babysitting.
They know how to mix drinks. They are more experienced in the art of Kama-Sutra (they probably can teach you a thing or two). They are not built for speed, but for a smooth ride… and above all, they are grateful.

A young woman is like a pair of jeans. It doesn’t fit and doesn’t have any character until it has been kicked around for a few years.

So why would anybody bother with nymphets or Barbie dolls look alike? Can they cook? Can they part with their smartphone for more than fifteen minutes? Are they solicitous enough listen to your problems? Can they empathize?

Take my word gentlemen, invest in a mature woman and you’ll get more bangs for your bucks.

“Age to women is what kryptonite is to Superman. Inside every older woman is a younger woman screaming, ‘Get me the hell outta here.” Kathy Lette


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