Time travelers

With fires raging all over California, Marin has been without power for the last 48 hours and it feels like we traveled a hundred years back in time.

Suddenly deprived of electricity, heat, the Internet, computer, television and other modern conveniences we were in an instant thrown back to the dark ages… an eerie an uneasy feeling.

The scariest part though was the realization of how vulnerable our infrastructures are. Without power, mighty California ceases to function and we are as impotent as a Banana Republic.

Our grandparents were much better prepared than us for such stressful conditions. They faced early powerless cold nights without apprehension.
Did you ever wonder by the way, why they had such large families? Well, let’s see… early darkness, cold nights, no internet, no television, no videogames…
Let’s go to bed to keep warm… and be productive.

So, are we better off today than we were one hundred years ago? It is open to question…

In Marin county, the power was cut off Saturday evening, around 8:30 pm. Initially, it was not too bad except for the fact we are not used to wandering in complete darkness. My cat did not seem to mind, but I did.

With invading obscurity and little to do, I went to bed around 6:30 pm and woke up at 2:00 pm. Went to the bathroom with tentative steps and after hitting a few things went back to bed again.

Like many people, we were woefully unprepared for this eventuality. We had some food but with an uncooperative electric stove, we could not cook anything.

After calling my brother in Sonoma we were greatly surprised to hear that its denizens had power. We later discovered that this was due to the fact that their electric lines are running underground. Why aren’t ours?

We then decided to escape our stricken environment and have some breakfast in this oasis. In Sonoma, we stopped at what was once known as the old Basque Bakery. The coffee was Lukewarm and the pasties stale. A far cry of what this old establishment used to be.

We then ambled to the pétanque field for a little practice. Tamara is now aiming to play the game as a “shooter” and wanted practice. I was surprised by how well she did. This dame has potential and with a little preparation, she will confound many. Watch out for the Russian Sniper!

For lunch we went to the new Picazo Kitchen & Bar. A newly renovated establishment serving American/Mexican food. It was decent and reasonable.

Back in Marin around 4:00 pm. Power came back Sunday evening around 6:00 pm.

Bracing again for new power shutoff.

Many thanks by the way to all the first responders. Firemen, policemen, civic leaders… They are all doing a  magnificent job. Thank you again.


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