Sonoma Oktober Fest

Mark Shirkey. Great form.

This morning, Sunday, October 13, I was comfortably seated in front of my computer, smoking my pipe and drinking coffee, ready to write about the Sonoma Oktober Fest, when at precisely 9:30 am my phone rang.
It was Gene Mitchell! Que paso? I enquired in fluent Spanish.

Alain, he said, we desperately need you. We are 15 people on the field and we urgently need another person to start the tournament.

But Gene, I told him, I am tired, my feet and my back hurt and I have my cat on my lap…
Please, please he begged… in French and English.

What can a gentleman do, when he hears a damsel in distress?

So, I kicked the cat off my lap, extinguished my pipe and jumped in my car. I was on the field shortly before 10:00 am. The crowd went wild… just like at a Trump rally. Some women even threw their bras at me…

I told the adoring crowd” you owe me”, don’t ever forget it… and I rolled up my sleeves and I went to work. My assigned partner was Charlie Davantes. A reliable man.

To make a long story short, we reached the Concours’ finals and barely lost 9/13 against Bernard Passemar and Noel Marcovecchio.

At one point, we were 9/9 with one of our boule about 9 meters away and 4 inches in front of the cochonnet. The malefactor known as Bernard shot and hit a “carreau”. That did us in.
Needless to say, I won’t ever speak to him again!

As I told you previously, I was all set to write about Sonoma, but I am too pooped to pop. So just enjoy the attached pictures and tell me that you love me.

Hasta la vista amigos!


Defenseur de la veuve et de l’orphelin

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