Hooking up

Lately, I have been a little slow on the draw. It must be Father Time dragging me down…

Nowadays the know-it-all millennials are constantly talking about “hooking up” and I am not quite sure what it means. It seems that I am not the only one.

Since English is not my native language, like all foreign-born people, I have long been in the habit of translating things rather literally.
Hooking up has its roots in “hooker” right?  Well, I know what a hooker is. Then, are all the people hooking up hookers?
It sounds a little far-fetched… but in America everything is possible… Truth is often stranger than fiction…

Taking my cues from the Net, I noticed that celebrities are constantly doing it… and advertising it… They are hooking up right and left. Does it mean that they are copulating non-stop around the clock? No wonder so many people are hankering to be celebrities…

And what about the simpletons in “reality” shows like “The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise? Are they also “hooking up”? It looks like they do it too… Goodness gracious!

Then there is the word “escorting”, from the French “escorter”. I hear all the time.But I am familiar with that one. It means to“accompany someone somewhere, to honor and to protect.”
When I was in the Army I frequently escorted convoys, and later I often escorted my mother to some events, and she was grateful for that.
Escorting is a nice thing to do.

Not too long ago, after casually petting her dog, I met a very nice young lady; we chatted for a while and over a cup of coffee, she confided to me that she was working as an escort. Frankly, I was rather dubious. She looked a little frail and not very likely to protect anybody… unless of course she was a Krav Maga black belt…

-So, what kind of people are you escorting? I asked to make conversation.
-All kinds, she said. This is what makes the job interesting…
-You are a little bit like a “service dog”? You help people.
She laughed.
-Yes, I perform some needed services…
-Can I call you if I need help?
-Of course. Here is my business card, and since you are so nice, I will give you priority and preferred rates the next time I see you…

It always pays to be nice. You never know when you will be needing assistance… Knowing the right person for the right job is very comforting.

I don’t know if I want to hook up with anybody, but I would not mind calling that young lady once in a while to have her honor and protect me.


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