Vive la différence

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

 Absolutely. Right on the money.

As a photographer, I have likes and dislikes and when I take pictures, I focus mainly on what I like. Some people enjoy photographing historical ruins or old buildings, but not me.
I am mainly interested in living creatures, people or animals. I like photographing animals because they are candid. You get what you see. No pretenses there.

People are different. Many try to project an image which is not even close to what they really are. Politicians are famous for that. Many have heard of Tim Murphy, a staunch pro-life Pennsylvania Republicanwho secretly urged his pregnant mistress to have an abortion. Rampant hypocrisy at its best.

As a photographer, I like to shoot what is raw, candid, real. And people are real when they are under pressure. No matter what you want to project, your true personality pops through the mask when you are incapable of pretending.

When you play pétanque, you are under pressure to perform and that’s when I like to catch you. A unique moment in time. I call my camera “Sneaky Pete” because even though it is unobtrusive, it has a respectable zoom and I can catch you from a distance without your knowledge.

My tastes are simple but eclectic.
I like to bag raw emotions, fleeting action shots, elegant playing forms, unusual outfits, and attractive women. Who would not?
Everybody should know (and you learn this fast enough) that life is not fair. If you are tall or good looking your chances of success are much better than if you are short and unappealing.

The lens is irresistibly attracted by curvaceous women and good-looking dudes. If nature was not kind to you, you need to find other ways to be noticed and entice the photographer to look at you.

That’s probably why some people kill or instigate political coups. No matter what a bastard or ugly you are, lenses worldwide will focus on you.

On the pétanque field, if you are not a bombshell and you want to be noticed, you need to perform. I have seen some fairly ugly people who are fantastic shooters. If it is the case, lenses will zoom on you as if you were Lazarus.

So yes, as a photographer I am probably partial and some people get better treatment than some others. If you want to be featured, take intensive private pétanque lessons or get cosmetic surgery.

One of these two ways will probably get you what you want.


PS: I just posted “the June 4thmissing pictures” that were in my stray camera. Have a look.


2 thoughts on “Vive la différence”

  1. (Hmmm, Alain, so I hope there are people whom you like and enjoy for who they are, even if they’re not attractive or proficient enough to earn your photographer’s eye..!)

    1. Hello Nancy, I was just trying to say (maybe awkwardly) that petanque is not a game that is the exclusive domain of tired old men. Everybody can play and many women (young and active) have taken a liking to it. Some are good and some are
      fantastic. But regardless of one’s age or physical ability, everybody is welcome to the game. ?

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