Socialism has become the new bugaboo of American politics, just as communism was in the aftermath of WWII.
Soon, when elections campaigns will start in earnest, some so-called “socialists” will be accused of Anti-American activities.

The West is well aware of the evils (and excesses) of communism, but not so much of the “abomination” of socialism. If you asked any American to define it, he would be at loss to clearly explain that “abomination”.

Socialism is “A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

 A socialist regime is not my cup of tea. I do not believe that a company started by some enterprising individual should be owned by anybody else. On the other hand, I firmly believe that a percentage of the profits generated by this company should be shared with its employees. And it does not sound right to me that only shareholders benefit from the company’s success. Money from the rich going exclusively to the rich? There is a bad smell to this.

Especially relevant is the fact that the gap between the poor and the well-off grows steadily… and dangerously. In the present conditions the poor won’t ever reach a safe plateau allowing them to live decently.

In many countries worldwide, the economy seems to be out of whack. The salary gap between the wealthy and the poor is too wide and keeps growing. This is something that needs to be reassessed and corrected.

 Unfortunately, the system is rigged. If the minimum wage is raised, businesses will jack up their prices accordingly, negating the raise. The unqualified worker will remain in the same lousy, precarious, resentful position. This bitterness and prolonged simmering resentment usually lead to upheaval. When you have nothing to lose, you are ripe for any violent confrontation.

I am not an economist, but I am convinced that something could be done to level the playing field. People are not violent by nature. There is a reason for their discontent, and I would say that 80% of the time, the reason is money, moola, dinero or whatever you call it.

If nothing is done to resolve this state of affairs, soon or later popular anger will explode and will result (like in France) in chaos and enormous damages.


Socialism no, but social justice yes.


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