I have been looking for the right word to label this little essay and I think that I finally found the right term. Tendentious. If you are not quite sure of the exact meaning of this word, here is the English Oxford Dictionary’s definition:

“Expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one.”

I always said that to be noticed, you need to separate yourself from the pack; you have to be”tendentious” and today I came across such a person. She is a young French woman and her name is Julia Pietri. I am betting that before long she will be making the rounds of every American talk show.

She penned a little book titled Le petit guide de la masturbation feminine (The little guide to female masturbation) and she is an unabashed feminist advocate.

Due to its underlaying Puritan culture, American society has always been prudish and beset by taboos. Luckily, these bugaboos are finally starting to bite the dust one by one in an ever-increasing number.

Masturbation,  especially female masturbation is not a subject that is usually broached in polite society,  but it is a taboo that ought not to be. Onanism is alive and cannot be swept under the rug.

Julia, a well-spoken young woman, attacks this subject with gusto and there is no stopping her. She says:

“I write this book to help liberate women sexually, to democratize the true anatomy of the clitoris, so that nobody talks anymore in our place, to break the myth of vaginal orgasm…”

I stand for an open society, with fewer taboos as possible, and I applaud her initiative. Never forget that most taboos have a religious origin and that trusting a cleric is as bad as trusting a Scientologist.

In summary

When it comes to sexual matters, many people are poorly educated . They just do what comes naturally… using Polynesian navigation. A little education never hurt anyone and the more we know about a subject, the better off we are.

This book should be read by everybody.



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