Assessing asses

“Social progress always begins with the independence of the buttocks.”Albert Cossery 

 In other words, gender equality is only achieved when women have total control of their body, including their buns.

I just read this morning in the Huffpost that the mayor of Les Lilas (a Parisian suburb) strongly objected to a blue jeans poster and demanded its removal. The object of his ire shows a very tame picture of a young woman modeling a pair of jeans.

“This advertisement appeared right next to a college. We do not want young girls to be exposed to such a devaluating message of objectification! We do not want young men to be exposed to this image of the woman! Remove this advertisement! “

 So thundered Daniel Guiraud the socialist mayor of this small community. Poppycock! This is another ridiculous case of Political Correctness going off the rails.

As far as I know, nobody is coercing women to wear tight pants. They all do it willingly… and eagerly.
Contrarily to common thinking, in the mating game, men are not the predators… they are the preys. This state of affairs is especially prevalent in Eastern Europe and particularly in Ukraine, where according to official data, there are only 86 males for 100 women.

Women are therefore going to use all their wiles to ensnare the (potential) father of their future children. Everything is fair in war and love, and women won’t hesitate a minute to showcase (besides their brain) their physical assets to achieve their goal.

As a matter of fact, one woman objecting to the pious mayor’s edict wrote:

Et qui êtes-vous pour interdire les gens à vouloir avoir leurs fesses mises en valeur ? (And who are you to forbid people from wanting to have their buttocks showcased?)

Unlike sanctimonious do-gooders, I am not against sexy outfits… up to a point. Actually (and speaking for the majority of the male population), I would rather look at a well-rounded bottom undulating in front of me than staring at a forbidding burka.

So girls, don’t listen to party-poopers. If you want to show and tell, indulge your fancy. But be careful, there is a time and a place, and there is also a fine line between sexiness and vulgarity.


 “A newly awakened Seventh Avenue became worshipful of prominent derrieres, and the culture fell knee-deep into the language of body positivity.” Washington Post Nov 26, 2018

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