Howard Schultz


Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz (former CEO of Starbucks) just announced that he was seriously considering running for president in 2020. Why not? But as an Independent?

Howard, you dummkopf, have you totally lost your f*****g mind? Did you indulge in a late-night espresso binge? By running as an Independent, you will divide the Democrats and boost Trump’s chances to be reelected for a second term. Боже мой! (bozhe moy/oh my god).

If you persist in this vanity run, you will damage and possibly ruin the Starbucks brand forever. Legions of people are already eagerly waiting for an excuse to boycott your octopus-like organization.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it, and obviously, history was not Mr. Schultz forte. Caesar old adage “Divide and conquer” is still relevant today. Divide your enemies into small tribes and destroy them one by one.
POTUS would be absolutely delighted to see this happen and he is baiting Schultz to launch his ill-fated adventure.

The big Democratic donors, on the other hand, are not pleased and will certainly try to foil Howard’s aspirations. Another reason to get out of the race and give a streetwise woman politician the chance to recover an obviously misappropriated election.

The 2020 contest is shaping up as another Kursk battle. The Republicans panzers will try to destroy the Democratic legions but will face highly motivated vengeful troops.
According to pundits, this could be another Waterloo for the MAGA forces. And Trump is no Napoleon.

St Helena island (population 4534) is still looking for settlers and it would be a good place for a deposed would-be emperor to exercise his building talents. He could erect his cherished “beautiful wall” around the 10 by 5 miles island without the assent of pesky legislators… and it would definitely cost much less than $5.7 billion.

By the way, there is a nice little 9-hole golf course in St Helena where Mr. Trump could indulge (after building his enclosure) in one of his most assiduous activity.

The island is still one of the most remote places in the world, but since 2017 it has an airport and is a little more accessible.

A Trump jet could make a splendidly splashy touchdown there.


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