The Un-promised Land

“Give me your tired, your poor, you huddled masses yearning to be free…”

 I am afraid that this is just a fading dream. Lady Liberty is tired and about to drop her torch. Her welcoming job has lost its allure and is turning into a high-pressure exercise.

A very large caravan of transients is presently trekking towards our southern border, bent on entering the United States peacefully or by force. These new pilgrims are looking for a better life in the US but are facing a harsh reality. The Promised Land of their dreams was just a mirage.

Nobody can enter the US (or any other country for that matter) without the proper papers. Especially not impoverished, uneducated masses that are bound to create a big financial burden for the host country.

What makes a difficult situation even worse is California’s present state of affairs. Large wildfires have destroyed up to 7500 homes leaving thousands of Americans homeless and jobless. These people need urgent attention and it is the responsibility of the American authorities to provide help and support.

The subsequent tab is going to be extremely heavy and this dire situation makes welcoming even a small group of migrants very improbable.

America cannot have open borders; it would set an unacceptable precedent. Impoverished hordes from every continent would rush to America to seek jobs and assistance.

Nobody likes to leave his or her native country. When you do, you become a somewhat vulnerable “foreigner”. If jobs were readily available at home, Central America denizens would gladly stay put and avoid the harshness and uncertainty of this long pilgrimage.

Immigration problems should be tackled at their roots, in their countries of origin. I am no expert in that matter, but I think that it might be cheaper for the United States to inject a few billions in foreign economies than to tackle the problem on its soil.

I seldom see eye to eye with POTUS, but ultimately I think that a wall might have to be built. It worked for the Chinese, the Incas, for Hadrian, for the Israelis… it might work for the US.


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