Money saga

“I made my money the old-fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died.” Malcolm Forbes

 This is smart Malcom; much smarter than investing in lottery tickets with ridiculous odds.

In case that you did not notice, the country was recently in the throes of a Mega Millions ($1.6 billion prize) epidemic. And it was highly contagious… many people caught the bug and had to be treated in the emergency ward.
Unfortunately chances of hitting the Powerball jackpot were roughly 1 in 300 millions. Not very comforting.

But this little detail did not deter true believers. They squandered some hard earned cash to partake in this new Gold Rush. Somebody has got to win, right? It may as well be me… And somebody won. But this was a poisoned gift, a Pandora box.

When you come into (big) money, it becomes difficult to recognize your true friends. Numerous people and organizations trying to get a piece of the pie will besiege you. You will be surrounded by a crowd of smiling sycophants who won’t hesitate to drop you at the first sign of difficulty.

The number of your “friends” will be proportional to your holdings. The richer you are, the more playmates you will have, but quantity seldom equals quality. Personally, I would rather have three true friends than a posse of hundreds.

If you want to be at the receiving end of some relatively easy money, now is the time to locate a rich relative and start pampering him/her. Or maybe consider becoming a toy boy or a trophy wife. There is no shame in it… everybody does it. By doing so, your odds of collecting some moola will be far superior than winning the Mega jackpot.

 For my part I don’t want billions. I would be very happy with two or three little millions. I don’t want to come in contact with too much money because this product is highly toxic. It is radioactive and prolonged exposure to it will (among many other things) give your hair a weird orange glow.

Just like weed killer, prolonged proximity to big bucks will affect your health and sanity. Known side effects of money exposure are delusion and paranoia.

But cheer up. Everything associated with big bucks is not totally negative.

“Money, if it does not bring you happiness, will at least help you be miserable in comfort.” Helen Gurley Brown

Champagne wishes and caviar dreamsto everybody and if you need some help spending your loot, I will be more than happy to help.


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