Resistance fighter

The #Me Too movement is a welcome revolution, but like any insurrection it is highly susceptible to excesses.

While I wholeheartedly support this movement, I am somewhat afraid that this crusade could degenerate into a cottage industry. In the future women could possibly accuse men of misdeeds to punish them for jilting them or rejecting their advances. Just like revenge porn this could be devastating for some men’s reputation.

If a woman has been assaulted, she should immediately file a report with the police. The legal establishment wants tangible proof of what happened. Reporting an assault is the way to secure and validate an accusation.

As proven by the sorry Kavanaugh affair (highly reminiscent to the Thomas circus) to wait is to weaken or irremediably damage your case. Many men (and women?) are often politically motivated to disbelieve plaintiffs.

Just like a car accident, you need to provide plenty of details and witnesses. Fortunately times have changed. Today, there is absolutely no shame or guilt involved in reporting such an occurrence. If assaulted, fight back and immediately, and vigorously pursue the guilty party.

We live in an extremely litigious world. To be safe, you need to carry a legal shield. If somebody assaults you, the perpetrator needs to know that his misdeed will ricochet and inflict serious injuries.

I never liked the term “survivor” widely used in the press. I think that “resistance fighter” would be a better option. A fighter will hit back, even when wounded. Consequently, victims of sexual assault should call themselves, because they will (and should) fight back.

Somebody messes with me, I’m going to mess with.” Al Capone

Sexual predators will think twice before assaulting a woman. There will be a (heavy) price to pay when they are identified and prosecuted. And besides prison terms, a sexual predator will be branded for life with a scarlet letter. Wherever he goes he will have to register as a sex offender. This could make life extremely difficult for him.

So, resistance fighters don’t hide and suffer in silence. Pick yourself up and punch back, hard.

Retribution is great healing medicine.


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