October 9th, 2018

Sixteen teams (with a strong contingent from Sacramento) showed up yesterday at the Pierre Joske pétanque field in Marin County.

They were:

  1. Doug Coleville & Shellee Davis
  2. Tom Lee & Carmen Ellis
  3. JC Etallaz & Beth Lysten
  4. Hans Kurz & Sandra Shirkey
  5. Jacques Gautier & Emily Etcheverry
  6. Kevin Evoy & Barbara Hall
  7. Alain Efron & Tamara Efron
  8. Noel Marcovecchio & Robin Kehoe
  9. Peter Wellington & Teri Sirico
  10. Albert Woodbury & Caitlin Woodbury
  11. Brendan Cohen & Lisa Vaughn
  12. Phominick Lee & Michelle Dang
  13. Charlie Davantes & Liv Kraft
  14. Mike Lee & Maryanne Curley
  15. Wolfie Kurz & Holly Sammons
  16. Christophe Sarafian & Genevieve Etallaz

The day started rather well with an offering of coffee and pastries. But things seldom go as planned. My scheme for this event was to play 4 games, and spend the rest of the day taking pictures.

It did not exactly work that way. On our first game of the day we faced Wolfie and Holly who quickly dispatched us with a score of 13-4.
On our second game, we came against Albert and Caitlin Woodbury and due to Tamara’s superb pointing we won 13-3.
We met Phominick and Michelle Dang on our third game. It turned out to be a duel between Tamara and Phominick. Tamara pointed like a queen but Phominick’s murderous shots got the best of us and we went down in flames 5-13.
I was very impressed by the way by the shooting capabilities of the Sacramento’s formation.

So we ended up in Consolante.

On our fourth game of the day, strangely enough we faced Albert and Caitlin Woodbury again and we were successful again.
On our fifth (and unexpected) game we encountered Mike Lee and Maryanne Curley. After a rather lengthy match they overcame us 13-8.

When that game ended, it was already around 3:00 pm. Tamara who was already chomping at the bit, decamped in a hurry and I suited up for my second job as photographer.

I came just in time to witness Mike Lee and Maryanne Curley defeat (13-11) plucky Hans and Sandra in the Consolante’s finals.

Then I turned my attention to the Concours’ finals. It was strictly a (Sonoma) family fight.
Wolfie and Holly faced Kevin Evoy and Barbara Hall. After being led 10-1, Kevin and Barbara managed to close the gap but finally succumbed 8-13.
A deserved victory for Wolfie and especially Holly who can shoot like a pro when the situation demands it.

Holly Sammons & Wolfie Kurz
Final scores:

1st place: Wolfie Kurz & Holly Sammons   $58.00 ea
2nd place: Kevin Evoy & Barbara Hall           $48.00 ea
3rd place: Phominick & Michelle Dang       $38.00 ea

1st place: Mike Lee & Maryanne Curley       $29.00 ea
2nd place: Hans Kurz & Sandra Shirkey       $19.00 ea


PS: Thank you Kevin for the delicious smoked salmon and Jean-Claude Etallaz for the equally delicious cake.

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