Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Many people have been wondering why usually assertive Donald Trump has been so subdued and deferential towards Vladimir Putin.

Well my friends, I have my own pet theory about this. As the French say, “cherchez la femme”… seek the woman. When there are shenanigans somewhere, start by looking for the woman…
I might get in trouble for saying that, but I am merely repeating what Alexandre Dumas said a long time ago.

“I do think Russian foreign policy is very savvy. There’s a need for great caution because the Russians are able to discreetly blackmail countries.” Vaclav Havel

The Russians are masters of blackmail, the practice of threatening to reveal compromising information about a certain person.
It is an integral part of their arsenal of dirty tricks. In French blackmail is called “chantage” from the verb “chanter” (to sing). Through chantage, you can coerce anybody to “sing” by threatening to reveal his/her dirty secrets.

The classic Russian ploy is to use a “femme” operative to seduce a gullible diplomat or businessman, and have the entire episode filmed by accomplices. The victim is then blackmailed into cooperating.

How was your trip to Moscow? asked the diplomat’s wife.
Well, my dear, there was a lot of activity often ending in all-nighters.
You bet!

“Blackmail is more effective than bribery.” John le Carre

I agree with you John!

Many people still probably remember the Profumo Affair.

In 1961, John Profumo the Secretary of State for War for Great Britain had a brief relationship with Christine Keeler a 19-year-old would-be model. Then it came to light that Keeler may have been simultaneously involved with Captain Yevgeny Ivanov, a (spying) Soviet naval attaché.
As a result, adios Mr. Profumo.
Well done Yevgeny!

Finally, our president has so many femmes to hide, that it makes him the perfect Manchurian candidate for шантаж (chantage).

Vladimir is toying with him and pulling all the strings. Ever noticed his smirky smile?

Question of the day

How will our Master Deal Maker get out of this quagmire?


To be continued…

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