Of woman and man

When I see a good-looking woman I naturally look at her… as any red-blooded man would. Similarly, when I spot a handsome man or a fancy car, I will also look appraise them. It is a natural reaction. Regardless of our native cultures, we are all attracted by beauty.

In some countries though, overtly looking or talking to a woman is not acceptable and could even be perilous. This state of affairs has a great deal to do with cultural differences.

Customs and attitudes are often molded by what I consider the biggest bugaboo of them all: organized religion. Any theocratic state is an oppressive state.

Most religions control their congregations by guilt and by fear. If you do this or fail to do that, you will be severely punished. But if you follow our dictums (obey without questioning) you will be amply rewarded… later, much later.
My first question is: how do you know that? Have you ever experienced any of those things?

“Every culture has something to be ashamed of, but every culture also has the right to change, to challenge negative traditions, and create to new ones.” Ralph Nader

Absolutely! Purge religion of its outlandish pronouncements. If something does not sound right, like honor killing and stoning for instance, get rid of it. Nothing, absolutely nothing is cast in stone.

Looking at another woman, even if you are married, should not be construed as a sin, but as beauty appreciation. The same canon applies to women. It is their prerogative to look or talk to anybody without guilt.

My Russian-born wife told me that when she came to America, she was surprised that so very few men looked at her. Did she, when stepping on American soil, suddenly lose all her appeal? An extremely worrisome thought for any woman. In Russia, she said, lots of men would try to catch her attention while In America men seemed afraid to overtly look at her.

Today we are navigating oceans full of uncharted waters. People take offense for an ever-increasing number of reasons and you have to steer your vessel very carefully. The man in the crow’s nest must remain vigilant at all times and warn you immediately about any half-submerged morality iceberg.


Regardless, I will continue to look at beautiful things, even if the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice tries to crack down on my debauched lifestyle.


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