It is time to vote again. On Tuesday June 5, 2018, Californians are expected to go to their polling place and cast their ballot. This process is grandly called “democracy in action.”

In a democratic society, everybody has the right to vote. This entitlement sounds good in principle, but it is deeply flawed and I disagree with it.

In order to vote you should have to prove that you are literate and knowledgeable about the candidates and the issues. Just like you have to prove that you understand the basic road rules before being authorized to drive.
If you cannot answer a dozen basic questions about the candidates or the issues, you should be ineligible to vote. In the same way as driving, voting should not be a right but a privilege.

Unfortunately, few people are familiar with the candidates and the issues. They will pick somebody based on a slick TV commercial or based on their union’s endorsement.

Not many people take the time (it is tedious) to compare the different candidates before casting their ballot. And the legislators are not keen to help. They prefer to keep everything vague and most of the people in the dark. Good government needs some mystery, they are fond to say.

Ironically, many people will check Consumer Reports before buying a lawn mower, but few will bother to scrutinize the facts before voting for a person who will deeply affect their lives.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”Abraham Lincoln 

No no Abe, you are wrong, old man. You can fool most of the people all the time. And it was proved very recently.

Some voters might know who is running for Governor, Senator, and House of Representatives but that’s about all.

What about candidates running for Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner? We seldom hear about these job applicants and most of the people have no idea what they stand for and if they are qualified for the job.

I vote for the people who share the same ideals. This year, my rule Number One is that any candidate seeking my approval has to be actively campaigning in favor of gun control. In view of the almost daily shootings occurring in America, Amendment Number Two must be amended again.

Contrarily to what the NRA is saying, this amendment is not carved in the Tables of the Law and God did not speak it.

In a word: vote

Go to the polls, and for the sake of your loved ones, cast your ballot for the righteous candidates.


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